#142l Forksville General Store

Fleeter Log #142l
Forksville General Store

Day 14 - Saturday
June 20, 2009
97 miles

Canton, PA to Lamar, PA 
Entire trip here on Spotwalla

The light rain falling, as I left Doc's, was only a precursor to the rest of the day. The sun wouldn't bother to come out of hiding at all for the rest of the day.

Today, I actually have a schedule to meet ... at least for lunch. Knowing that today is suppose to be wet and that I have someplace to be by late morning, I was glad to have pushed my route yesterday to get a room in Canton. That leaves me only 22 miles down the small, twisty road known as PA154 to Forksville. I will meet some MTF friends at the Forksville General Store for a bite to eat and swapping of stories.

PA154 is a fun road leading through some interesting places ... even in the rain. Enlarge the photo for a closer look at the car parked next to the building.
Shunk, Pennsylvania is one of the few wide places in the road ... but not very wide.
 That's Shunk, with an SH.

Entering Forksville in the rain, it is obvious there is even more rain in the hills just beyond. Over the next hour, that rain would escort my friends as they ride into town from all different directions. There's the backside of the Forksville General Store, just on the other side of the covered bridge.
During a brief interlude in the rain showers, I coaxed the group to gather for a couple photos.
The group included riders from Texas, Mississippi, Illinois, Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, and even Pennsylvania.

Leaving Forksville in a light rain, I head south. Two weeks on the road and it's time to head home. I dodge the heavier rain past Williamsport to Lamar where I stop for the night.
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