#9 Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Fleeter Log #9 
Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway

2005 October 29-30

We were "fleetering" about without Fleeter. The weather was a bit cool and unsettled so we took this trip in the pickup instead the motorcycles. Technically, this shouldn't be a Fleeter Log since I wasn't riding Fleeter, but we'll stick with the format and provide full disclosure that Fleeter was safe at home in the motorcycle garage.

Fritz was happy since this meant that he gets to go too. We headed west to the Blue Ridge Parkway via Orange and Charlottesville. At Afton, we entered onto the Parkway and headed south toward Roanoke. We spent the night in Roanoke and continued along the Parkway to Mabry Mill. Fritz gets settled into the backseat with his blanket. Flat Hannah is still with us for this trip.

When it's time to GO, Fritz gets very focused!

After a while Fritz couldn't resist getting a better of view.

US20 is a beautiful stretch of road between Gordonville and Charlottesville.

Grapevines growing along the entry of a vineyard on US20.

Since we are in the pickup, we can more easily take pictures of the parkway as we travel along.

An old Appalachian Cabin found on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

This is a "catch'em alive trap" like the pioneers made and used along the Appalachian Trail.

Water seeping down the rock face catches the sunlight in the afternoon sun.

We didn't see any bear...
... but Fritz was on the lookout!

Scenic lookouts are plentiful along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  


Signs like this are constant reminders that it would be nice to have Fleeter when on the Parkway.

The next morning, driving through Roanoke, we saw this church downtown. It looked like it needed to have its picture taken. 
So we went to find it.

Andrew's Catholic Church in Roanoke, Virginia.

This is the view from the church looking across downtown Roanoke toward the Blue Ridge Mountains. We're headed there.

And here we are looking back on downtown Roanoke. 

Typical bridge along the Parkway. 

Oh ... the BLUE Ridge Mountains. We get it now.

Still missing Fleeter!


The Trail Family cabin, a typical home of the Appalachian pioneer family.

Flat Hannah finds that she is the perfect size for a Keebler elf tree.

She likes the window!

Split rail fence leading up to the famous Mabry Mill.

This is the Mabry Mill, this most photographed mill in the US. I took my turn taking photos...I'm sure I took at least my share.

The Mabry Mill is so popular on postcards that it often shows up on postcards and is credited to other states...But there's only one Mabry Mill and it's in Virginia on the Blue Ridge Parkway!

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Flat Hannah Goes to Washington, D.C.

2005 October 16

Flat Hannah gets strapped in for her trip into Washington, D.C.
Getting close...getting excited...

There it is! There it is! It's the Capital of the United States! WOW!

There are many monuments to see around the Capital!

Of course, Flat Hannah got to see the Capital! And document that she was HERE...in her 'flat-person' self!

We made it this close to the White House, but since Flat Hannah didn't have a pass or an appointment, she couldn't get past the security gate....even when she was extra nice to the Secret Police Officer at the gate. The officer was nice, but there's a "no picture of the nice officer" rule. Flat Hannah learned that the rules at strictly enforced.

There was a march on the Capital the day before. Flat Hannah was disgusted at the litter left behind!

Do you recognize where Flat Hannah is now? Hint: Its nickname is "The Castle"

There's the sign...it is the Smithsonian Museum.

Look! Flat Hannah spots the Washington Monument across the Mall. We will have to make sure we get a closer look of that!

Since both of Hannah's parents are officers for Hays County Sheriff's office, Flat Hannah wanted to visit the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.

After visiting the Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, Flat Hannah was 'moved' to be extra friendly to the local Law Enforcement Officers.

They were friendly in return and wished Flat Hannah to have a safe visit in the Nation's Capital!

Here we are - closer to the Washington Memorial. Do you recognize the dark red building in the background?

Across the street from the Washington Memorial, we found the World War II Memorial.

Being from Texas, it wasn't hard for Flat Hannah to decide that this pillar was her favorite.

From the W.W.II Memorial, Flat Hannah spotted something else familiar... The Lincoln Memorial.

Let's get closer...what will we see inside?

Abraham Lincoln, of course!

And here is Abe's view looking back across the Reflecting Pool to where we just were.

The Korean War Veterans Memorial on the south side of the Reflecting Pool.

On the north side of the Reflecting Pool is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

On our way back to the pickup, we passed this monument to Albert Einstein.

Flat Hannah wonders what this means ... E=mc2. We suggest that she ask her teacher when she gets older.

This was kinda scary ... The Awakening Giant on Haines Point.

There was so much that we didn't see! As you can see, the sun set before we were able to see as much as we wanted to see. 

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