#142e Sniffin' French Lick's West Baden

Fleeter Log #142e
Sniffin' French Lick's West Baden

Day 6 - Friday
June 12, 2009
156 miles

The next morning I found a squatter hanging out on the slightly muddy GS. But it was only TJ, the pink flamingo adopted by the MTF. The adventurous TJ hops rides from one MTF member to another, changing rides whenever he sees the chance to ride along with someone heading out on some great adventure. He was just resting on the GS though, waiting for his next chauffeur to pick him up and carry him along on the Iron Butt Rally in a couple months.

Today I'm sticking to paved roads in search of flower sniffing opportunities in the region. I am joining a few other like-minded individuals as we plot out an easy loop leaving plenty time for off-bike sniffin'. We head south on highway 37. Rumor has it that one MTFer in the group knows the way to a highfalutin resort down in French Lick.

On the way to see those fancy digs of French Lick, I pause long enough in Orleans to grab a photo of the mural showing the local flavor.

French Lick Resorts owns the historic hotel in West Baden Springs. It wasn't hard to find the West Baden Springs Resort in the town of West Baden Springs -- population 612. The entrance was only the beginning of the grandeur that we found at the end of the long driveway.

At one time known as the 8th Wonder of the World, the hotel's dome was the largest free-spanning dome in the United Stated until the Houston Astrodome was completed in 1965.

After we spent the appropriate time gawking over the hotel, we continued down the road to Leavenworth, Indiana where we took lunch, served on the banks of the Ohio River at the Dock Restaurant. Downtown Leavenworth seems to be a bit past its prime, but The Dock is going strong offering burgers, sandwiches, fish dinners, ribs and other popular menu items.
Whe we'd had our fill of lunch, we headed to Corydon, the first State Capital of Indiana. After strolling the along the town square getting a look at the original capital building built in 1813, we saddled up and swung back north.

Between Fredericksburg and Salem, we found Beck's Mill, a working mill that welcomes visitors.
We didn't take the tour, but did stop long enough to walk down for a closer look and dangle a leg over the old bridge.

Note to self:  Maybe next time it would be more prudent to go flower sniffin' at the fancy resorts BEFORE playing in the mud with the Rough Road Riders.

By this time, a look at the clock told us we might should move ourselves along if we are to make it back to Spring Mill Park in time to clean up before supper.

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  1. Great pics, as usual! Love the one in Leavenworth!

  2. Great stuff, as always, Claye. West Baden Springs has the "feel" of Pinehurst, NC.
    And that flamingo isn't the only bird around there. French Lick is the home of Larry Bird, one of the greatest basketball players ever.

  3. Great shots but I was hoping to see Larry Bird's place.