#142g Finding Switzerland in Indiana

Fleeter Log #142g
Finding Switzerland in Indiana

Day 9 - Monday
June 15, 2009
110 miles

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Warren, IN loop through Montpelier, Berne, Poe, Ossian

My room at the Comfort Inn in Warren was so comfortable and inexpensive (under $48) that I decided to stay put for the day. Besides, I needed a day to myself. It can be very exhausting trying to keep up with my rowdy biker friends from the MTF. The quiet time could be used to organize photos, update maps, make notes, and figure out where to go from here. I had a productive day, but by 4:30pm I was getting restless and was ready to go for a supper ride. I took the next 3 hours to stretch out for an easy 100+ mile ride.

Leaving the hotel located out by the freeway, I headed into downtown Warren, Indiana and made the obligatory stop at the post office. There were a couple young boys, maybe 8-10 years old, that immediately came up to me as I pulled to the curb. They were mesmerized by the GS. I apparently made their day when I asked one of them to take my picture while the the other one was to watch for traffic.

Leaving the bustling streets of Warren, I took to the smaller back roads that framed the fields of central Indiana. Not enough traffic on these roads to warrant bridges wider than one lane.

The downtown buildings of Montpelier express visions of what could have been.
This tall narrow building looks like it may have been part of something larger than itself at one time. Maybe it is the memory of what used to be that lives on in the painted murals.

Montpelier's Chief Greeter . . . always on the job since 1985! 
This is his retirement job. His first job was to welcome visitors to the Indian Museum at Eagle Creek in Indianapolis.

Chicago Motor Club AAA sign notes that the building is home to an official associated service station, and has been for some time I'd guess.

Next stop, I found a bit of Switzerland in the U.S. Midwest:
Berne, Indiana

Berne isn't a large town, but what it has, it offers with a touch of Swiss flair.

Some of the locals ride by while I am stopped for the obligatory Post Office photo.

Berne came to be in 1852 when a group of Mennonite immigrants from Switzerland settled in the area, naming their new town after the Capital of Switzerland.

Most of the downtown shop owners make an effort to honor the Swiss heritage and add to the unique character of the community.

Even the Ford dealership gets into the spirit. Look closely enough and you can see a display of antique paraphernalia including cars and old fuel pumps inside.

City of Berne Public Safety Building

First Bank of Berne

McDonald's didn't want to be left out!

Berne was about halfway through my evening loop. By the time I am within 20 miles of closing my loop, I stop in Ossian for supper. I pull over at what is apparently a popular place in the two-light town. When I get inside, I see that there are no tables available. Turns out that Monday night is Euchre night at The Brew Ha! Expresso Cafe in Ossian. Since I don't know the rules to the card game of Euchre, and there doesn't appear to be any spots available anyway, I order a panini sandwich and salad to go, then head back to the hotel for a supper at home in my room.

I make it back to the Comfort Inn before dark, tuck the GS in between the protective pillars, and head in for the night. Loop closed.

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  1. Your trip indicates you made a stop in Poe IN.
    There is a general store, a volunteer FD, and a bar. Which one did you visit? Great pictures of Berne.

  2. Thanks, Russell.
    Poe was just a waypoint to mark my route. I didn't stop there. But I did see the blue smiley water tower down the road when I passed through Markle.