#142f My Rowdy Biker Friends

Fleeter Log #142f
My Rowdy Biker Friends

Day 8 - Sunday
June 14, 2009
215 miles
Staying up late last night, partying with my rough biker friends, brought slumber into the late morning. When I awoke I was hoping that the visions of the night before were only dreams (or nightmares), but since cameras were present and in use, there's not much escaping the fact that my lingering visions were real. A sample photo documenting last night's raucous activities of the rough bikers of the MTF!

After sharing breakfast at the breakfast buffet with the usual suspects from the night previous, it was time to saddle up and move out.
Spring Mill State Park, IN to Warren, IN

Sylvia and I plan on sharing the road together for awhile before she will continue eastbound and I will turn north . . . somewhere about I65. We leave Spring Mill State Park Inn behind about noon.

The Maple Street Restaurant in Orleans had been mentioned several times as a good choice for a meal. Even though breakfast wasn't all that long ago, we stopped for lunch when through that way. And a popular place it is . . . we shared the dining room with the after church crowd that had almost every available table filled.

Leaving Orleans, we took to the roads that would only be found on a "county map" of the area. No stripe to be found for miles and the bridges were all one-laners.

Add Claysville, Indiana to my list of "Clay" towns. The only sign we could find naming the small community was at the local cemetery.

Mural on building near the square in Salem, Indiana.

After splitting off on my own at I65, I stayed northbound on the freeway for a few miles just to feel some wind and roll some miles under the rubber. As much as I enjoy the character of the back roads, sometimes I need to feel the miles and the wind rush by. After about 50 miles of feeding the need for speed, I was compelled to dive back into the small network of paved ribbons leading to pockets of people living between the fields of corn. Flat Rock, Indiana is one such pocket.

The back door into the Shelby County Courthouse in Shelbyville, Indiana.

When the GS is ready for fuel, where's the best to stop . . . Gas City, Indiana?

The day ends on the outskirts of Warren, Indiana where I find a bed and food next door to each other. Supper was at Ugalde's Restaurant and the nearby remodeled Comfort Inn offered me a room, still with a "new smell", for less than 48 dollars.

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  1. That IS a tough looking crowd.....better keep an eye on 'em! :)

  2. That bunch sorta proves a theory of mine: If you think the 1%ers are tough, just stand between most motorcycle riders and the ice cream bar.