#142i Fallen Timbers

Fleeter Log #142i
Fallen Timbers

Day 11 - Wednesday
June 17, 2009
173 miles

 Coldwater, MI to Tiffin, OH
Entire trip here on Spotwalla

 My already delayed departure from Coldwater met yet another delay before I could clear the area. Just a few blocks from the hotel, I realized that the GPS wasn't routing right so I pulled in to a medical office parking lot to address the problem. While I was sitting at the side of the parking lot fiddling with the GPS, I was joined by a marked patrol car piloted by a Branch County Deputy. First thing I thought was, "What? I wasn't doing anything wrong!" But my defensive stance was unfounded. He just wanted to get a better look at the fine looking motorcycle I was sitting on. Oh. Well, then. In that case . . . let's chat. I have all the time in the world. 

It was quite late in the morning before I truly felt the joy of the breeze on US12. Fifty miles down the road I came to what is apparently a big deal in the southern part of the Automotive State known as Michigan. I rode right up on . . . The Michigan International Speedway. Here, names like Andretti, Petty, Earnhardt, and Gordon are spoken as in the worshiping of gods. Danica still stirs up controversy among those that just can't seem to accept that a woman can drive a car in a circle as fast as the guys can.

But my target was just past the Speedway. I found what I was looking for at Cambridge Junction. . . The Walker Tavern. This welcome sight offered respite to travelers during their five day journey on the Detroit to Chicago Stagecoach Line.
Lucy & Sylvester Walker from Cooperstown, New York bought the first tavern made of wood in 1832, then in 1853 the Walkers built another, larger tavern of brick. The historic brick building has been recently bought by Tom & Jennifer Lee.

Below is the "newer" tavern that is located to the south of current day US12 at MI50.

After checking out both Walker Taverns and getting my NPS stamp at the older tavern that is located inside the Cambridge Historic Park, I made a stop for fuel at Yoder's on my way to Onstead, Michigan.

Making my way to Toledo, US223 takes me through Blissfield, Michigan.

My primary goal, riding through Toledo, is to obtain the NPS ink stamp for Fallen Timbers. First I visit the Monument, then go find the ink stamp at the Maumee Library a few miles away.

Maumee Library home to the Fallen Timbers ink stamp.

When passing by this Quality Inn, I decided to stop early. I made a u-turn, a phone call from the parking lot to reservations, then a quick check-in. Soon I was eating at the restaurant next door.

It's hard to pass up a room with front door parking, appealing restaurant that shares the parking lot, and a location far away from most retail/commercial areas.

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  1. Yeah, I thought you were in trouble too with the sighting of the police. But what a nice, cool picture to have in your collection. I like the looks of Blissfield. I think I've passed through it before.