#142a Riding into the Light

Fleeter Log #142a
Riding into the Light
Day 1 - Sunday
June 7, 2009
342 miles

Fredericksburg VA to Troy OH
Interactive Spotwalla map of entire trip

Crozet, Virginia
The twisty roads across the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah River lead to a special land that some feel is almost heaven.
But before leaving Virginia, we stopped in Monterey for a dairy treat
. . . another sign of "almost heaven."

Into the hills of West Virginia...

Wirt County Courthouse in Elizabeth, West Virginia

We shut it down for the night south of Parkersburg in Mineral Wells, West Virginia.

Day 2 - Monday
June 8, 2009
250 miles

Wilkesville, Ohio is one of the many small towns found along the scenic back road OH124.

Passing through Hillsboro, I spotted this music/bookstore. Notice the column at the corner of the porch? (click on photo to enlarge)

Could this be what it would look like when it's a motorcyclist's time to "ride into the light"?

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  1. Great. Loved that "book" column. Only 1% of bikers ride into the dark. The rest of us go to the light.