#94 PNW - Lassen Volcanic NP

2007 July 22
256 miles

PNW Trip
Day 15

It is already up to 82 degrees when I leave Red Bluff. I left the cool weather behind yesterday when I came down out of the mountains, but once I get moving it's not so bad ... so I start rolling the miles down CA36 east to Lassen Volcanic Park.

I make a stop at the Country Store in Mineral to take care of the basic needs:
Gatorade and a potty stop.

The south entrance to the park is just east of Mineral up CA89. The Park still has some geological activity, resulting in some foul-smelling burps close to the road. The temperature is cooler as I gain some elevation into the park.
But the views have my attention so I'm not even thinking about the weather. Can you believe this view?! Life is Good fleetering around the country seeing the sights!Lassen offers the kind of roads that motorcycle riders dream about.What's in a name??I wonder how Emerald Lake got its name?It's not THAT obvious... It could have been Peridot Lake! Namesake of the park...Even though it's been dry in the area, there's still color to be found.Back on the road heading to Nevada. Upon the advice of a park ranger, I rode CA 89 and CA70 through Quincey. This took me along the Feather River and through the Plumas Canyon area. I only caught a part of the Feather River Scenic Byway. I need to go back and ride the entire byway. Looking at it on the map makes me think that I missed out on a great road... So close, but turned left instead of right... These people looked to be having so much fun that I was tempted to take a swim break myself...but didn't. The green fields start giving way to more dry, brown, scrub-brush type of scenery. This was on of the last green fields before riding deep into the dusty, dry brown stuff. The roads are stretched out long and thin as we close in on Nevada. This is the way we leave California behind.Another states gets color on my "Fleetered There" map.By the time I reach Sparks, Nevada, I'm hot, dusty, hungry and bored. I pull over to address these issues. I find an In & Out Burger that helps me address each one of my issues. I wash-up, order a burger combo, sit in the AC and eat my burger. I re-fill my drink on the way out to check with Jill on how far we have to go before we stop for the night.
In our meeting, we decide that Fernely, Nevada (about 35 miles down the road) would be a good place to find a decent, inexpensive motel. I find a Super 8 that fits most of the requirements. It costs more than I'd hope for, but quite a bit less than the Best Western. These two motels seemed to be the two obvious choices. So I unpack at the Super 8.

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