#95 PNW - Winnemucca, Nevada

2007 July 23
313 miles
PNW Trip
Day 16

Today is a "ride that must be rid" in order to get to the other side.
Some people might like lots of flat open space where one can see for miles and miles, ...
..but I got tired of the dry, dusty open miles within just 30 minutes down the road.
The 130 miles to Winnemucca felt more like 300 miles and the temperature gauge was reading 99 degrees by the time I reached the closest thing to a traveler's oasis midway across Nevada. Winnemucca (named after a Paiute chief) was on the Applegate-Lassen Trail leading into northern California.

The road leading west was called the "Winnemucca to the Sea" highway. I suppose it was to give travelers hope that they would eventually escape the dry, barren land and arrive someplace easier be. I can imagine the need for hope... Here I am traveling at a fair pace, compared to the best pace travelers of old could hope for, and I am feeling like it's taking way too long for me to get across Nevada! After fueling up Fleeter, I go looking for a place to fill my own empty reservoirs.
I find The Griddle does a good job of providing food, drink, restroom, and air-conditioning.
I usually leave my helmet with Fleeter, but I took it inside with me this time so I wouldn't have to put my melon in a tight-fitting oven when I come back outside. Of course, when in some place named Winnemucca, the Post Office is a required photo stop.
While in Winnemucca, I pass the Yamaha dealership so I make a quick stop. I apparently lost one of my license plate anchor bolts on some bumpy road in California. I find the red reflective button bolt for 50 cents, make my purchase, then go to the parking lot to put it to use. Before pulling out from Sonora Yamaha, I spot a water hose at the side of the building. I take the opportunity to wet down my cool-vest and neck bandana. Heck, while at it, I just go ahead and hose down the whole mesh jacket since I'm outside and it is easy to do. This gives me a quick relief from the heat as I put the "wind to the wet" riding down the road.

Back on the road and more of the same.Looks like it is so hot that the earth is trying to burn, but there's not even enough out here for a good flaming fire.127 miles down the road, I pull into Elko, Nevada for another fuel stop.While fueling up and downing a quick bottle of Gatorade, I see that it must be time to pray toward Mecca. And again...back on the road. Are you bored of the scenery yet?
About 40 more miles of Nevada gets me to Wells in the north east corner of the state. I take a quick run through the very small downtown and since the opium den is shut down, I check in to the Super 8 for an early night about 5pm. Even though it's cooled down to 93 degrees, I'm still hot and looking forward to cranking the AC on in the room. It should be an early night since there's no high speed Internet available. I know there's such a thing as dial-up, but I am so "past" that. I just don't have the patience for it anymore. I go to bed early and will wait to log on the next time I can access wireless.

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