#90 PNW - Vancouver, WA

2007 July 17-18

PNW Trip
Day 10 & 11
Tuesday & Wednesday

The next morning I woke up to rain and had to take a couple seconds to remember where I was.
After waking up in motel rooms for over a week, I had to think why I wasn't either in a motel bed or my own bed. But then it came to me that I was at my friend, Megara's, home in Vancouver, Washington. Today's agenda:

According to Fleeter's odometer it is time for a service visit. This is the perfect time while I'm visiting a friend. So I take a rainy ride across town to the dealership to drop Fleeter off for a day of pampering. Then Megara and I head out for our own adventure. We headed east along the Columbia River and made our first stop at the Pendleton Blanket Factory Outlet shop where I picked out a beautiful blanket -- the Spirit Bear.

"Pendleton blankets were used as basic wearing apparel and as a standard of value for trading and credit among Native Americans."

Check the link above for the history of the Pendleton Blanket Company.

Following Hwy 14 east, we came to the (toll) Bridge of the Gods and crossed over into Oregon to US30. We followed US30 to Hood River, OR and had lunch at Big Horse Brew Pub.

I must explain here that I forgot my camera so these photos are taken with my Razr and Megara's I phone camera.

After having lunch in Hood River, we headed back west on US30 looking for Multnomah Falls.

We found several other water falls first, that very well could have been the highlight of the day. One was a double fall...here you see the lower pool.

We hiked up to the upper pool and walked behind the falls.

There I am with a yellow shirt on.

But then we there's the crown jewel of all area water falls... Multnomah Falls.

I would never be able to find words to explain the beautiful Columbia River Gorge...so I won't try. But I will encourage anyone that gets the chance to visit the Gorge, to do it! You will not be disappointed!
The next day we walked around downtown Vancouver, Washington.

We left downtown and next went to visit Fort Vancouver National Historic Site just a few miles away. The dramatic sky with storms lingering overhead made the setting even more dramatic. While walking along the Columbia river walk area, we watched this osprey watching over the young ones in the next.Thanks, Megara for opening your wonderful home to me, playing tour guide showing me the area, and shuttling me from and to the Yamaha shop for Fleeter's service. It was a great visit!

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