#86 PNW - Lolo MTF Group Ride

2007 July 13
311 miles
PNW Trip
Day 6

I had talked to Barb on the phone the night before and we decided to take a ride around the area today. Our ride grew into a small group of eight. Now this is a small group, but it is a group of riders that tend to ride solo. Speaking for myself, I'd prefer riding alone or with Sylvia, but will share the road occasionally with someone for a few miles - like when I met Norge Rider in Illinois and we rode to the next fuel stop together.

So here we go, a group of eight "solo" riders, led by a local rider from Bozeman, traveling together through some great scenery.

There's Barb, bonding with her new Zumo GPS before take-off.
Greg and Pat behind me.
Barb in front of me.
Stopping for a potty break.
A stop at Big Hole National Battlefield to appease us stamp collectors in the group.
"Eight lone wolves running in a temporary pack."
We stretch out along the flats heading to Wisdom, MT.Barb and I gas up with a Native American vixen looking on.We hit a section of rough road under construction. Not bad though. The worse part was the washboard surface making us go ba, bumpity, bumpity.
The logging truck sends some dust our way.More back road, but paved.Not sure what it is, but it has legs and a bill like some sort of heron. Strange company to have join us here in the mountains.Pintler Scenic route.Looks like maybe a Montana Cowboy? He has the horse and rope anyway... Another stop. Looks like this store doesn't mind Bikers...
At this stop some of us donned our cool vests for the ride back into Missoula and Lolo. Temps have climbed over 100 this afternoon so far.
A cool vest is quilted with a polymer inside that will hold water when wet. I often wet down my bandana and long sleeve UnderArmor or mesh jacket, but a cool vest dries slower providing the evaporative cooling effect much longer. Notice the garden hose in the photo? Almost like it is there just for us to wet down our cool vests... Sometimes photos need no words. In Missoula, I broke from the group to go stamp collecting. I was looking for Travelers Rest outside Lolo.
I found where it USED to be. It's now moved down the road and around the corner.

After getting my stamp, I stop by Barb's motel to cool off, then ride with a group to go eat at Jakers in Missoula.
The MTF stands for "Motorcycling Touring Forum" -- this is where I've met up with others that like to ride on a motorbike far and wide.
Just a great group of people who won't hesitate to ride 1,000 miles to meet friends for lunch.

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