#102 PNW - Seneca Rock, WV

2007 July 31
232 miles
PNW Trip
Day 24

Because it's the last day of the trip, I drag it out from the beginning. I don't leave the motel until 10:30am. No Interstates today! Today I will savor the twisty roads, running close enough to the ground to see the country. The first place I stop to spend any time is Seneca Rock in West Virginia on US33.
This very popular site with rock climbers is a natural limestone formation reaching 800 feet above the North Fork River Valley.
I park Fleeter and wander over to the river for some photos.I found these rocks stacked just so...Time to get back on the road to slowly make my way home.This is what US33 looks like on the map. Now doesn't that look a bit more interesting than most Interstates...even on a map?
About 2pm, I decide to stop for lunch when I saw this small restaurant named "The Cabin" just a few miles before I crossed into Virginia.This was my after-lunch ride. Good thing there aren't any rules in riding like in swimming.This S curve is home to the Virginia -- West Virginia state line. The straightaway after coming down from across the mountains. This is getting easy... "Look Mom, No hands!"
Actually, this was during a construction delay. There were several of us stopped waiting for the flagger to tell us it was our tun to roll.
I made it back home to Fredericksburg at 6pm.
Arriving home after 24 days on the road leaves me with mixed feelings. I'm be glad to be home in MY bed where I should know where I am as soon as I wake up (actually, it will take a night or two.) I look forward to leisurely drinking my morning coffee in MY coffee cup (not paper or Styrofoam) and NOT have to watch the weather for comprehension. When on the road, you have to always be studying the weather...and there are often tests during the day.
A note about watching the weather while on the road:
People normally watch the weather as they are in a fixed place. They just have to watch how the weather will be developing and moving into their location. Not me. I am a moving target! And the weather is moving... Now that takes concentration to watch the weather in motion over a few days and project your path into that movement. Hint: It always helps to watch the big picture. I am usually making tracks across a large enough area, I need to see the map on the national map...at least a multi state- area.
So you see how it is relaxing NOT to have to be studying the weather for comprehension.

The PNW Trip Summary

Total trip: 8,068 miles

Stamps collected: 41 standard + 16 bonus

States fleetered in this trip: 22
Thanks for riding along with me.

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  1. Nice ride report! I enjoyed every mile! Got the link to your blog from Fred Langa's 10000mi report. Good job!