#81 PNW start - Painted Barns

2007 July 8
539 miles
PNW Trip
Day 1

Once again, I put off deciding for sure until just before time to leave...
But I'm on my way to the Pacific Northwest.

An MTF group is meeting in Lolo, Montana on July 12-14. If I time it right, I can meet up with them for a bit. My friend, Barb, will be in the group. Yep. That Barb really gets around doesn't she! How can I stay home when I could be out meeting Barb in some new place?! This time it will be Montana.

If I want to ride with Barb on Friday, I have to get to Missoula on Thursday night. I can do it, but I can't be dallying around the back roads that I so like to wander through. This trip will be more about staying on the Interstates and making the miles each day to get to the West. I will still try to pick up a few new stamps as I make my way westward.

I left at 7:15am in the of the cool morning of what was predicted to be a 100 degree day. I wear my mesh knowing that it will be cool, but soon should be heating up. When I saw the section of road coming up get real squiggly looking on the GPS, I new I would be climbing higher to go over the mountains. I decided that there is no reason to be this cold going into the mountains where it will be even cooler. I decided to stop and trade jackets. Wish I'd worn the textile one from the beginning this morning. It felt so good when I put it on...Now I was ready for business. Bring on those mountains!

I saw several of these painted barn ads along US50 through West Virginia.

US50 took me through the western neck of Maryland.
These painted barn ads are in Maryland.

US50 entered back into West Virginia after crossing through Maryland.
This is the Cheat Mountain area. Great section of road!
Moving right along... Entering Ohio!

More painted barn ads...

Barn Art

I wanted to see Aunt Celia in Columbus, so I called here when I hit Ohio to see if she was ready for company. Some readers will get the irony do this... the next town I rode through after calling Aunt Celia was Nelsonville, Ohio.By the way, Nelsonville is the home of Rocky Outdoor Gear.
Aunt Celia and me with Fleeter.
Aunt Celia even treated me to supper at Bob Evans! This was especially appropriate because Bob Evans started in Ohio - Southeast Ohio, at that! I always think of Grandma Knight from Ohio, and how she just loved Bob Evans! Aunt Celia told me that Bob Evans, the founder, had just died this past week. Seemed like the proper way to pay our respects. Thanks for supper, Aunt Celia!

Madonna of the Trail Monument in Springfield, Ohio.
Madonna of the Trail Monument in Richmond, Indiana.Richmond is the first thing you come to when crossing from Ohio into Indiana.
This is where I stopped for my first night on the road again.

I think I did pretty well on my miles today...Even got a good visit in with Aunt Celia and found two Madonna of the Trail monuments and very little of the day was on Interstates.

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