#89 PNW - The Pacific-I have arrived!

2007 July 16
204 miles
PNW Trip
Day 9

Crossing the Lewis and Clark Bridge over the Columbia River from Washington into Oregon at Longview, I took US30 west looking for the same big pool of water that Lewis and Clark were looking for when they led the Corp of Discovery westward in the years of 1804-05.

Looking down from the bridge, I am reminded that this is big lumber country.
Don't forget to keep an eye out for those lumber trucks!

There it is...that's my sign that I'll be able to color in another state on my "fleetered there map"!

I have been seeing these signs regularly since Omaha, NE.

Something that Lewis and Clark couldn't do over 200 years ago when they passed this way...

A quick glance at the GPS lets me know that I am not far from my next destination.
Too bad they didn't have Jill as their navigator! In Astoria, I cross back north over the Columbia River as I follow Jill's direction in search of Cape Disappointment.
Personally, I was not disappointed by Cape Disappointment.
Mission accomplished! I arrived at the Pacific Ocean. After criss-crossing the Lewis & Clark Trail for the past week, I felt I needed to finish it out and land at the Pacific where Lewis & Clark landed over 200 years ago.
Of course, I had no problem finding the mouth of the Columbia River...with Jill's help.
Looking back at Fleeter across the massive amounts of driftwood washed up in the cove.It would take some high waves to get these huge pieces of wood up here.
I think I'll believe this sign. So if you believe in the high wave sign, you may want to take note of these signs too. Just up the road from Cape Disappointment, is the North Head Lighthouse.The cove to the north side of North Head Light on the north side of the mouth of the Columbia River.
It was tricky catching the light as it flashed my direction...but I got it!
I think this is a cool photo! I'm rather proud of it. Heading out to the open waters of the Pacific Ocean from the harbor near Ilwaco, Washington in the mouth of the Columbia River. Some of the sights along the Harbor in Ilwaco. Back across the river into Oregon and I start looking for Fort Clatsop. The sign is helpful in pointing the way I should go, but Jill has already told be how to get there.
The Fort wasn't huge, but it served Lewis & Clark and the rest of the Corp of Discovery for the winter of 1805-06 before they headed back home.
Now I cross back into Washington again for the last time ... today.
This evening I arrive in Vancouver, Washington to spend a few days with a friend I haven't seen in over 20 years.

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