#35 Syria & Fulks Run

Syria & Fulks Run, Virginia

August 17, 2006
243 miles

On Thursday afternoon we headed out on our way to Somerset, PA.
Of course we took the back roads over and through the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Syria is on the south side of Old Rag Mountain, which is a sizable mountain rising up to 3,291 feet above sea level.

Syria has a sizable apple outfit complete with bunkhouses for the seasonal help.

And a storefront for those that don't want to wait until they are shipped to a store or even a farmer's market.
Here's just a few of the mountains of apple crates that were stacked across the street.

Another typical small community in the Blue Ridge foothills on our way from Syria to Sperryville. I think it is Etlan.
After crossing over to the west side of the Blue Ridge Mountains at Sperryville, we head west until we get to Fulk's Run, then we turn due north and ride into West Virginia.

We catch the northern part of West Virginia, then slide through the western neck of Maryland on our way to Somerset, Pennsylvania.

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