#37d Rockland to Ellsworth

New England Acadia Run
Aug 20-27, 2006

Day 4 - Wednesday
August 23, 2006
96 miles

We spent the night in Rockland, Maine (The Lobster Capital of Maine). It's a lobster, of course...a welder's version apparently.  
The next day we go in search of a couple lighthouses in the area. The first we found was the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse. Named from the rock wall built out into the middle of the harbor.
The light is just behind the house at the end of the "breakwater."

Seems that Maine hasn't spent just a whole lot of their budget of signs directing visitors to the light houses. However, the locals are handy in helping you get pointed the right direction. Most helpful is the brochures available at the visitors' centers. You really do need the maps and written directions. Lighthouses aren't something you generally accidentally stumble upon and there aren't many signs along the way to help locate them. But once found, they a well worth the effort made to find them.
Here's a clue...must be this-a-way.

It was a short walk up to the Owl's Head Light. But it there was no shortage of views along the way.

The photographer gets shot!

There's our first peek at Owl's Head. Isn't it cute poking its little head through the trees?

A grave marker is at the base of the stairs leading to the light. There's a story about how Spot liked to pull the rope to ring the bell. He would even do it when the light keeper wasn't around. He knew his job.

Just today, I saw a lighthouse calendar with very near this same shot on the cover.

The light itself, isn't very tall. Doesn't need to be since it sits on such a high perch.

Lobster trap buoys can be found all over the place!


We went up on Camden Hills and had a great view looking down on Camden...and lots more. The island in near harbor is the home of the Curtis Light. You can't see it because it faces out toward the open water...of course.
The view from Camden Hills has inspired at least one poem.


Fleeter even got to go up to the top. You don't think I hoofed it on my own all the way up there, do you!?

Crossing the Penobscot River. The old bridge and the new bridge...side by side.

Buoys make great decoration for the sides of buildings. Who needs paint with all that color?

I had lobster at the Lobster Pot. Had to do it while in Maine...
Look at me shine at night!

We spent the night in Ellsworth, Maine. 
Tomorrow, we go to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park!

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