#37f Moose Hunt

New England Acadia Run
August 20-27, 2006 

Day 6 - Friday
August 25, 2006 
200 miles

The Great North Woods!

Paul Bunyan kept watch over the Holiday Inn we stayed at in Bangor, Maine.

We played chicken with this storm. We won. Rain left us alone.

This diner was a great little place to eat in Farmington, Maine. Cheap, good food and service.

When we saw this sign we took the moose issue very seriously. Knowing what a deer can do to a car and worse to a motorcycle, I can only imagine what a moose wreck would be like.
Little did we know that the bigger threat of the day would be the road under construction.

The road was only open for traffic one direction at a time. The old pavement surface had been completely removed and we were riding on/in a rocky, muddy rut of a road for over a mile. And that happened a few times..
But we kept our eyes out for Bullwinkle since the signs say they are plentiful.

Rangeley Lakes, Maine.
See that one tree getting a head start changing color? 
And in August!

Good bye Maine, hello New Hampshire.

Welcome to New Hampshire!
Welcome to The Great North Woods!

Haven't seen a moose yet, but maybe there's still a chance. Seems they're in New Hampshire also.

The road we traveled followed this river for miles.

We did! We did! We saw a moose. Not for very long, but it still qualifies.
By the time I made a U-turn and got the camera out, she was swimming back to the far shore.
If you look close in the water in front of the dead tree, you will see her ears sticking out as she swims away. Looks kind of like jack rabbit ears.
Sorry about the poor picture, but she was the only one I saw and she didn't stick around for the photo shoot.
This was supper tonight. There's lots of "you name it, we got it" kind of stores/shops.
Here we have pizza, steak, seafood and a lounge in one. The front of this place even had a walk-up window for ice cream and shakes.

This night is spent in Gorham, New Hampshire.
Tomorrow we'll make to the Kancamagus!

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