#37g Kancamagus

New England Acadia Run
August 20-27, 2006

Day 7 - Saturday
August 26, 2006
268 miles


Mount Washington is the Highest peak in the northeaster US at 6,288 above sea level. The mountain boasts some of the planet's most severe weather -- It is not unusual to be enjoying mild weather in your shorts at the base and find a blowing snow storm at the top making you wish for a parka!

Cloudy view of Mount Washington in New Hampshire.
The peak holds the world record for wind speed at 231 mph.

I've heard a lot about going to the top of Mount Washington.
You can drive up or take a train to the top. But we don't have time today. 
Put it on the list...

Onward! The Kancamagus awaits our arrival.

Covered bridge in Jackson, New Hampshire.

The Kancamagus Highway is NH112 running east/west through the White Mountains in New Hampshire. 
Found another covered bridge along the Kancamagus Highway.

Some roads were not in the best condition. The worst was several miles of a one lane gravel mud rut. Not the best surface for a cruiser like Fleeter.

But the views were worth it.
Don't know why there was a USA rocket in Warren, NH. But there it is!

Crossing the Connecticut River into Vermont.

Another covered bridge over the Connecticut River near Windsor.
Cornish-Windsor Bridge, built in 1866.
The sign says it all...

After leaving Windsor, we headed home. We ride as far as Springfield, Massachusetts and stop for the night before making the final big push back to Fredericksburg, VA. 

Day 8 - Sunday
August 27, 2006
433 miles

Eight states plus DC to Home!

Sunday we make it about 75 miles down the road and it starts to rain. And it rains as we ride through NYC, down the New Jersey turnpike and didn't let up until we entered Maryland. Riding the Jersey Turnpike, all 100+ miles of it, isn't the most pleasant ride ... especially in the rain. But it could have been worse. The rain varied in intensity so we weren't getting hammered the whole time. The sun set as we ride through Washington, DC and we made it home just before 9pm.

Two weeks after returning from New England, I left for another trip to Texas.
So I am still out fleetering ... this time back southward again.

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