#38a Mount Airy, NC (Mayberry)

RTT (Return to Texas)
September 9 - October 26, 2006
Day 1 - Saturday 
September 9, 2006
300 miles

Fredericksburg, VA to Mount Airy, NC

After getting back from the New England trip, I took a 2 week break to get Fleeter's oil changed, check the mail, pay bills, wash clothes, re-pack and then I was off and fleetering again. 

Sylvia and I headed south to Mount Airy, North Carolina on Saturday afternoon. Sunday morning we made a quick tour of the town, taking in the sights that are familiar to anyone that watched the old Andy Griffith show. Early afternoon Sylvia headed north back home and continued my route south.

Mount Airy is the home of Andy Griffith and was his inspiration for Mayberry in the "Andy Griffith Show."

Day 2 - Sunday 
September 10, 2006
363 miles

 Mount Airy, NC to Dawsonville, GA

Mount Airy, NC

See Andy and Opie on the water tower?  
Notice the restrictions.

The patrol car still sitting in front of the old jail.


Floyd's Barbershop is still operating, but closed. 
Just as well ... I just got a haircut a couple days ago.


Snappy Lunch Diner in earlier episodes. Snappy Lunch interior.


Blue Bird Diner of later episodes.


Meanwhile, out at Wally's Service...  
When was the last time you cranked your gas pump?  
Goober says "HEY" ...

Leaving "Mayberry," I drive south through North Carolina and into South Carolina to my next stops ...
                                        .... King's Mountain & Cowpens.

As I make my way to Texas...again.

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