#47 The Missions of San Antonio

The Missions of San Antonio

September 29, 2006

After Panna Maria, I continued northward to San Antonio with my mind on Mission Stamps.

Here's the story and here's my plan...
I'll be entering San Antonio from the south so I'll visit Mission Espada first.

Mission Espada.

Mission San Juan
Mesquite trees like this one are plentiful in this part of the country...considered a "trash" tree.
They can can certainly "trash" a paint job if vehicle is parked underneath one!

Mission San Jose is the most well known of the four San Antonio missions.

Mission Concepcion

And here they are...
The different mission stamps, collected as I visited each one
And though not an actual mission, don't forget the last on the trail is the Alamo.
Because we have been reminded before...
"Remember the Alamo!"
And while downtown, there are a couple other sights to share of the many sites to see.

The famous Crockett Hotel sits right behind the Alamo.
Hemisfair Park was the site of the 1968 World's Fair.
And yes, I did attend it when I was six years old...before my birthday in September.
Inside the park is the Hemisfair Tower.
The top houses a restaurant and slowly spins.
As you eat you can eventually enjoy a 360 degree view of San Antonio.
North of town, the 40 foot tall boots still stand on the north side of North Star Mall.
Joske's is long gone, but the boots remain.

Moving on down the road to New Braunfels to spend a week with my sister, Lorrie, and her family.
I will spend the week performing "Aunt duties" as assigned by Lorrie.

Still following trails blazed long ago...

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