#38d Cheaha State Park

RTT (Return to Texas)
September 9 - October 26, 2006
Day 4 - Tuesday
September 12, 2006
 205 miles

Gadsden, AL to Montgomery, AL

Leaving Gadsden, Alabama I start looking for some good pavement for fleetering. Wasn't hard. Skyway Mt. Way delivers!
Talladega Scenic route AL281

Overcast, windy, 65° at Cheaha

I climbed up the observation tower for a view from the highest point in Alabama. Too bad it was a hazy, overcast day and the view wasn't the best.

Cheaha is in the Talladega Mountains.

Another postcard drop...
Lineville, Alabama

Next stamp stop...Horseshoe Bend NMP.

Horseshoe Bend Visitor Center

Found two stamps in Tuskegee, Alabama.

Tuskegee University

When I leave Tuskegee at 1:20pm, the sun is shining and it's a nice 75°. I was ready to buckle down and put some miles behind me. I wanted to make it the 250 miles to Lauren, Mississippi for the night so I could pick up a couple stamps the next day around Natchez. However, that was not to be. Seems that I was trumped when it comes to the weather gods.

By the time I was pulling into the outskirts of Montgomery, Alabama just 30 minutes down the road from Tuskegee, the weather had gone from sunny, to light rain, to pouring down buckets. Thunder, lightening, the whole bit. I pull off the Interstate to see if I can determine what I should do; 1) try to outrun the storm 2) take cover and let it blow over, or 3) call it quits for the day, find a room, and stay dry & safe tucked away working on the Fleeter Log backlogs.

I pull into a Shell convenient store ... they know nothing about weather. I try the Holiday Inn next door. They are very helpful. The clerk suggests I turn the lobby TV to The Weather Channel and she starts pulling the weather up on the computer. Consensus is ... rainstorms, some heavy, all afternoon and into the night. Clearing sometime the next morning ... undetermined time.

Sounds like a good time to knock out a few Fleeter Logs from the New England trip. I ask what their "wet motorcycle rider" discount would be ... turns out it's about half the normal rate -- I got a nice room for $53. Sold. I unpack Fleeter. Then have a late lunch at the adjoining Waffle House before settling in to work on the Fleeter Log while watching The Weather Channel.

Notice riding pants hanging up to air dry. There are other wet clothes hanging around the room wherever I could find hanging space.

A very wet overnight at the Holiday Inn on the
east side of Montgomery, Alabama.

Tomorrow:  Why a full-face helmet is a VERY good idea!
Making miles through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana.

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