#37b Newport to New Hampshire

New England Acadia Run
August 20-27, 2006

Day 2 - Monday
August 21, 2006
157 miles
Newport, RI to Portsmouth, NH

The storms that had missed us all day yesterday poured down much of the night. We were glad to be tucked away dry in the hotel with the luggage. The bikes got a well needed shower. This was what we saw out the window this morning.

We spent the entire morning packing up then riding around the Newport area before heading out of town and out of state. There were several nice places worthy of pictures. This is in Paradise Valley Park.


The cool 74 degree temps aren't stopping the beach goers!
Look at those clouds! The weather was exceptional.
The Newport Post Office... 
We made another postcard drop before leaving town.

Bye Newport...it was fun...gotta run. Places to go, things to see!
North on 24 took us right into Massachusetts and on into Boston.

One of the feared occurrences happened just as we were coming into Boston. We had to make an emergency exit and find a place to rectify the problem. It so happen that the South Boston State Police Station was the first place to safely pull into. How lucky was that?!

The feared occurrence?
The batteries in the camera died just as we were entering into a probable prime picture taking area...
And there's Boston, straight ahead.

I've heard about the great engineering feat...the tunnel built under Boston.  But also I hear they have a nice Bridge.

Here's the tunnel.

And here's the bridge.

We didn't get to do much while passing through Boston. But we got to do both the tunnel AND the bridge!

Past Boston and following along the coast of the Massachusetts Bay through Lynn into Swampscott. Don't you just love a name like Swampscott?! This is looking back on Boston from across the Bay from Swampscott. Tide is at low-tide as we pass through.
We just had to spend a bit O' time in a place named Swampscot. It's fun to say. I keep writing it so maybe you'll read it again...out loud.
This is Popo's where we ate a late lunch at 4pm. It's a nice 70 degrees outside. They still think it's summer weather up here though.

The guy sitting in front of Popo's works inside and couldn't believe that we didn't know what fried dough was. He felt it was an honor to serve us up some, on the house, so we would be educated in the finer things to eat in the Swampscott area. So there it is ... plain dough, fried then sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon ... kinda like funnel cake, only better.

Just past Swampscott, is Marblehead. It's a very unique community. You can tell it's been here a long time. The whole peninsula was filled with these old houses built close together with small narrow streets winding through them. I would have been way lost without Jill's help.

  This is a lighthouse ...but, it looks a bit like a may pole.

After Marblehead, north of Salem on our way to New Hampshire, I saw this field with the sun hitting it just so. It was pretty enough for a picture. I did a U-turn, then drove down a rather long private lane to get to the field. (Do they shoot people for trespassing in Massachusetts? Or is that just in the south?) I thought these plants had been planted. I wondered if they would be harvesting them ... and just what was it anyway? I never found out, but over the next week we saw them all over growing wild.
New Hampshire...third state today. Yesterday was a three-state-day too. The state lines come along quite a bit faster up here in this New England territory. Makes you feel like you're getting somewhere even when you only put 157 miles on the odometer.
This character facing the setting sun is the weather vane on top of the New Hampshire Visitors Center.

Can you guess how this conversation started in the Visitor Center parking lot?
Did you answer, "Hey where you riding from ... Virginia? Really? Where you going?"

This guy is from Maine and wanted to suggest where we could visit once we get to the US1 Coastal Highway. He even wrote down the list for me when I realized he was listing more than I could remember. He filled up an 8x10 sheet...

I think just there he was saying, "Turn right off US1 in Damariscotta. Then take 129/130 down to Pemaquid Lighthouse. It will be worth the side trip." He was right. We did and it was.
Portsmouth, NH was less than 20 miles north of the state line. We headed that way to a hotel room waiting for us as the sun set.

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