#34 Hungry Bear

Hungry Bear

July 23, 2006
333 miles

The Barn General Store near Lake Anna was a fueling stop for us.

This general store extends the invitation...Do Drop In.
There's something I find appealing about the little old Post Offices.
Hadensville, VA 23067 (northwest of Richmond, Virginia)
Now one might wonder about a sign such as this... TANK CROSSING...?
Come on...really?
But I suppose one should take such signs seriously when you're passing through an Army Guard Maneuver Training Center such as Fort Pickett! Fort Pickett is about 50 miles southwest of Petersburg, Virginia.
Another small general store, the Hungry Bear on VA40 near Stony Creek, Virginia.
The bridge crossing the York River near West Point, Virginia (about 40 miles east of Richmond). This is the kind of grate (not great) surface that makes motorcycle riders a bit nervous. The tires jump back and forth in the grooves...makes it feel like the handlebars are being controlled by someone else.

Some of you may recognize this place from a previous Fleeter Log.
This is downtown Stevensville. There's only one intersection and three buildings within sight.

Across the street from the ESSO is an old Texaco.
Chasing the sun on the way back home...

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