#113 FF-New Horse in Stable

There's a new horse in the stable and it's grey.
The idea has been in my head for awhile...
There's a list of wants/needs that could only be filled with a new ride and the time seemed to be right to do something about it.
Meet the Fleeter2 ... Fleetermeister:
2006 BMW R1200RT, dark graphite
I bought it used from Morton's, the local BMW dealer.
Only 1,200 miles on the clock.
Comes with...
~Locking hard side cases and top case
~Electric adjustable windshield
~Heated grips & seat
~Cruise control
~Onboard computer
~Cylinder guards, barbacks, lowered pegs, etc.

I've already added:
~System RT tankbag
~Dash shelf & hardwire for GPS

I picked it up from Morton's after returning from Maine.

I took a local ride to start getting a feel for the RT.

Colonial Beach, Virginia

I've only put 200 local miles on the RT and now it's time to go for a real RIDE!

The only way to really bond is to get some road time in together.
The MTF has the Founder's Feast gathering in Metropolis, Illinois Oct 5-6.
From there, it's time to head to Texas.

October 4, 2007

480 miles

FF - TX Trip
Day 1

Everything was packed and ready to roll for a 7am pullout onto. The fog was soupy for the first hour on the road, then the sun broke through and it warmed up from 66 degrees to a high of 94 degrees for the day.

A short butt break.
Made it across a couple state lines today.My biggest worry with a sport touring motorcycle was to find one that I can reach the ground while sitting in the saddle. The new designed RT has a lowered seat option and has shed some significant weight. So this is why I decided that the RT is the sport touring machine for me to best find a "fit" with.

The RT actually weighs less than the Vstar, which is important since I can't flat foot both feet at the same time. 600 pounds is still a lot of weight to control with barely one foot on the ground.

A few of my thoughts after the first day on the road with the RT...

Only 2 fuel stops today! Cool! That would have been 4, minimum, with the Vstar Fleeter1 and its 4.7 gallon tank. The RT Fleeter2 has a 7.2 gallon tank which allows up to a 300 mile range per tank. That means I can chose a stop based on restroom convenience rather than fuel pump availability. There are many times I'd be more comfortable stopping at a visitor center for a restroom stop rather than a convenient store. So I either had to make two stops or do an all-in-one-stop at the fuel stop.

The Vstar asks for 5th gear at about 55mph -- that's it, no place to go from there when it would start straining the revs at 70mph. By 70-80mph you can feel it maxing what the engine can do. But the RT only asks for 4th gear at about 50mph. It doesn't even ask for 5th until about 65mph... AND IT STILL HAS A 6th gear just waiting to be called upon! Note: These numbers will depend on how aggressive I am riding. The RT is forgiving and will run a wide range in each gear once you get past first...in my inexperience RT experience.

First time I used 6th gear today was on I64. I had a semi truck come up behind me in the left lane and start crowding me. When we got up to about 80, he's still crowding me and there's still traffic in the right lane. I could have pulled away from him, but wasn't wanting to rev too much. (I don't know why...) Then I remembered that I have another gear... So I slipped into 6th and ever so easily left him behind without the RT even having to catch it's breath. If I had tried that with the Vstar, I would have to apologize at length for asking so much and pushing so hard.

My butt misses the mustang seat! This stock seat does a pressure point number on my lower butt cheeks and I find myself scooting forward and pushing far back trying to relieve the pressure, but this only allows a short lived semi-relief. At a mere 50 miles, I am feeling the pressure enough that I start the squirming. At 100 miles, I have to stop and dismount to get the circulation going again. The good news is...only a 3-5 minute stop with my butt off the seat and my butt is renewed for another 40-50 miles before it starts begging for another stop. This probably means that I will be looking for an after-market seat...soon. Mustang does not make sport-touring seats, so I will need to start from the beginning, looking for a saddle that will treat my butt with the respect and comfort that it needs! The trick is that it can't be adding much height. I have to be careful to keep the ground within reach.

Tomorrow: Where to find Superman?

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  1. WOW, what o good looking bike i didnt know you had it. Maybe they make riding shoes with heels to touch the ground!