#115 Land of Lincoln - Southern Illinois

October 6, 2007
171 miles
Founders Feast
RT to TX
Day 3

Saturday I roamed around the Land of Lincoln's southern Illinois area exploring and taking photos for a photo rally hosted by the MTF. Here's some of what I found...
An old barn about lost to the wild vines swallowing it. This road took me to Temple Hill. It sounded interesting, but I didn't know what I would find... About 3 to 4 miles down the small paved road I got lucky and found this cool old deserted General Store.
There were a number of old farming implements sitting around the place.And the required outhouse sitting out back. After leaving Temple Hill, I got back north bound on IL145 to Harrisburg, Illinois.
Though the photo makes it look like I was southbound, I actually only took the photo then did a U turn heading north to El Dorado. El Dorado found a unique way to welcome visitors.
Made me wonder who the "1 Ol' Sorehead" was...
Or maybe they took turns being The Ol' Sorehead. It could be the town joke ... a designation bestowed upon whoever was the biggest Pain in the A** that year.
Just north of El Dorado is the very small town of Muddy, Illinois.
They are proud of what they claim to be the "smallest post office ever built" that sets across the street from the new post office.
I saw a panel of the old brass combination-lock mailboxes when I peeked inside.
I looped back east to Cave-In-Rock along the Ohio River.
This time I parked and went down along the bank of the river to find the infamous cave.Down the steps and along this path a ways and sure enough there's a big cave in a rock!
Stories of lore hold that this cave was used by pirates to hide the booty they collected from victims up and down the Ohio River. Coming over the hill at Loves Corner, this is what I saw...

Seems a participant in a nearby Harley Rally - HogRock - failed to negotiate the turn into the parking lot ... probably making a beer run. These roads were swarming with Harley riders coming and going from HogRock. Very few that I saw (less than 5%, I'd guess) were wearing helmets and none were wearing any protective gear. T-shirts were common and many preferred to go shirtless. Even the women seemed to barely have any clothes on...shorts and bikini swimsuit tops seemed to be their accepted riding attire of the day. I didn't see the biker that went down (he was on a stretcher in the ambulance on the scene), but I can only guess that he would have a good case of road rash and probably head injuries...even if it was a low speed crash.

Air Evac Lifeteam Rescue coming in for a landing at the crash site. Next stop was the small river side town of Golconda.
Not much happening here on a Saturday afternoon. Trying to get a closer look where the town interacts with the river, I found a small road leading to this old building...
What was left of some sort of operation for a dam that I saw no remaining signs of. It was obvious that it we were in the farming heartland during harvest time. I saw many a combine in the fields, but this one came up close and personal.
Close enough to leave me in the dust it brought with it. I made my way back to the Amerihost Inn for the feeding of MTFers at the evening banquet -- tasty BBQ was served. I left to find my way back to my room across town about 11pm, but I left many still socializing in the parking lot. On my way out of town, I swung by to say good-bye to Superman and thank him for keeping a close eye on the town.He must have had an urgent call and had to "fly" to fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Way for all.Tomorrow: I visit with a riding legend before riding south to Hot Springs.


  1. Hi, I came across your blog bc I googled 'Fleeter'. Fleeter was my dog growing up. She was the best, sweetest dog ever. I still miss her like crazy. I think it's great your bike has the same name. It looks like you had a nice trip. Keep riding!

  2. i know that general store, i live a lil bit down the road from there, did u see a house with a big pen full of horses and cows, the house is a yellowish color and is got a swing on the front porch

  3. Thank you for your for reading along and thanks for your comment Sara. Come back anytime. I think Fleeter is a great name for a dog. I got the name "Fleeter" from reading about Belle Boyd, a spy during the Civil War. Her horse's name was Fleeter.

  4. Toyotasupraman94, It was was a couple years ago that I was down that road, but I do remember a couple places. The closest one to the General Store was on the corner and had a lot of trees. Another down the road had a big barn and I think I remember seeing a horse. I rode horses before motorcycles. Horses make me smile. Seems there were a couple other places, but the details are lost in my memory. Next time I come through that area, I'll have to ride that road again . . . if I can find it again.

    Thanks for reading along, I hope you enjoy. Hope to hear from you again.