#116 If only I rode like a great, great grandma...

October 7, 2007
366 miles

RT to TX
Day 4

Sunday morning I decided to take my time and maybe even sleep late since there was no rush in move down the road. I want to ride the Talimena Scenic Trail, but I don't want to ride it late in the day while riding into the sun. I decided that would put me staying at the last place of any size on my route...Hot Springs.

So I took my time getting up and ready to leave Metropolis, Illinois. I made my way out to the motel lobby to find the coffee pot and saw I couple of the MTF folks I know having breakfast. I sat down to join them while I drank my coffee. Well, one conversation led to another and three hours worth of story swapping later, we finally were ready to pull out of the parking lot each heading our separate ways.

The two friends that I spent my morning chatting with...

Ardys Kellerman...a legend among long distance motorcycle riders.
She rode over 100,000 miles last year on her BMW R1100RT.
AND...she's a 75 year old great, great grandma from Texas.

...I wish I could ride like a great, great grandma from Texas!

And this is Sheila Winnie from Ohio. She rode over 126,000 miles last year on her Gold Wing. So anyone that thinks I ride all that many miles ... now you see that I have nothing to brag about!
However, I might take more photos when out on my travels!

I left Illinois to the east, took a quick turn through Kentucky, then headed south into Missouri on my way to Arkansas. This is where the Ohio River and the Mississippi River come together at the southern tip of Illinois.
Fort Defiance is located in the very tip of Illinois.
I saw a lot of cotton on the way from the fields to the gins.
Here's a field still full of cotton.
And here's a truck loaded with bales of cotton heading to the gin.This farmer was riding his tractor discing the stubble, but the way he energetically waved at me with both arms as I rode by, I think he might rather be out riding on a motorcycle. Made me think of a particular farmer named Terry up near Moonshine, Illinois.I crossed into Arkansas on US412 near Paragould.I arrived at the Days Inn south of Hot Springs near Hamilton Lake about 7pm, much later than anticipated. But the morning was well spent swapping stories with Ardys and Sheila.
Tomorrow: Talimena Trail

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