#114 Founder's Feast in Metropolis

October 5, 2007
318 miles
Kentucky to Illinois
RT to TX
Day 2

I pulled out of Lexington, Kentucky hoping to be able to skirt past the rain in the area, but the rain started before I even got out of town. Not heavy, but steady enough to keep the pavement wet and other traffic throwing the road wash my way. Since I saw a blue spot in the sky ahead, I kept going ... hoping to get past the rain.

When the sun did come through, I noticed a shadow along side that I didn't recognize... Oh! It's me on my new ride! Gonna have to get used to looking over and seeing that running along with me.
Making my way across Kentucky, I rode briefly in US41 and saw that Providence is proud to announce their spot on the map. Then I saw an interesting sign. One of these locations...I'd like to visit. Can you guess which one?
Yes, Clay grabbed my interest!
A local resident driving by to use the mail drop, welcomed me to their small town and offered to take my picture.
A bit further down the road...another small town...Sullivan, Kentucky.
At Sullivan, I turned south...away from Sturgis and toward the State run ferry crossing the Ohio River over to Cave-In-Rock, Illinois.
Cave-In-Rock really is an official place, so named...
Looking over the Ohio River and the ferry in the distance heading back over to Kentucky.
Leaving Cave-In-Rock, I headed south to Metropolis ... which we all know to be the home of Superman! And there he is ... keeping a protecting stance over the city.

And of course, the Superman theme is the source of much tourism and marketing.

I checked-in to the Comfort Inn, then headed downtown to report in to Superman. I wanted to make my presence known in his City and declare my peaceful intentions. One should never want to get on the bad side of Superman! After checking in with Superman, I starting looking for the MTF group staying at the Amerihost Inn -- the host hotel of the Annual Founder's Feast.

I rolled into the parking lot to find a group of MTFers standing around kicking tires and telling stories from the road. I joined in and the group continued to grow as another motorcycle pulled into the parking lot every few minutes. Eventually a few of us got hungry enough to make our way to Harrah's Casino across the street for the buffet. After eating, it was back to the parking lot for more tire kicking, story telling, and to see who else had arrived. Myself, I sat on a few different seats...all of which were more comfortable than mine, but few as easy to reach the ground with a flat foot. This is going to be a tough decision, but I will HAVE to get a more comfortable seat before long.

About 10:30pm I was tired enough to head to my motel for the night, but I left a large group in the parking lot showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Tomorrow: More MTFing...

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