#112 NE Corner- Wilkes-Barre and homeward

September 9, 2007
307 miles
NE Corner Trip
Day 10

This is our final day of this trip. Today we will be making miles, not sightseeing.
In a quick 3 hours, we rode from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania to Fredericksburg, Virginia.

I did manage to snap a couple state welcome signs as we flew past.

We know we are close to home when we start seeing Shenandoah signs.
Not that we needed the signs...we always have Jill's guidance.

Maine at the end of summer is a very refreshing. This was the second year we've made the trip and very likely could be an annual pilgrimage. And if you question whether this trip should qualify as an official pilgrimage, take one visit to the top of Cadillac Mountain and then decide for yourself whether this is a spiritual place.

The NE Corner Trip Summary

Total trip: 2,322 miles
Stamps collected: 25 standard + 3 bonus
States fleetered in this trip: 12

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