#107 NE Corner-Acadia NP

September 4, 2007
52 miles

NE Corner Trip
Day 5

View of the sunrise from our balcony. Don't get too excited about an sunrise ride. The "early rise" didn't take. I went back to bed after seeing the sunrise. We start the day with breakfast at the restaurant on the hotel grounds overlooking the bay. You can see we had the perfect location in the first room from the office.-- our room was close enough to the office to get wireless Internet, it was a short walk to the office for coffee in the mornings, and we practically had reserved parking right in front of the room with the triangle shaped spot that 4 wheelers couldn't fit into. View of Frenchman's Bay from Wonder View during low tide.

All but the last day there, we saw a cruise ship or two anchored in the bay.
We take off to explore the area about 10am.
64 degrees and sunny skies -- the weather couldn't be any better!
The way to Acadia's main visitor center...52 steps up that way from the busy parking lot.
We head to the loop road on our way to our first stop -- Cadillac Mountain.
If you ever get within a 100 miles (or even 500 miles) and don't visit Cadillac Mountain, it would be a mistake!Cadillac Mountain is the highest point of the eastern seaboard. This location has the distinction of being the first place for the rising sun to reach the US mainland each morning.
Cadillac Mountain is mostly granite when you reach the top.

On the way back down from Cadillac Mountain, we make a quick pullout for another view of the town of Bar Harbor.

Sieur De Monts visitor center is the nature center, so to speak, of Acadia.
This is the easiest place to get the Acadia stamp. It's not too busy - - you can park right near the building and not have to leave your motorcycle in a busy parking lot while you trek to the building! If only I had known this BEFORE treking up the 52 steps at the main visitor center.

Sweet Water of Acadia!

Thunder Hole is another special gem. It is very small, but very accessible and not too busy! It also has the stamps and a well stocked gift shop.

View from the southeast side of the loop.

Jordan Pond in Acadia NP

Back up to Cadillac Mountain to watch the sunset.

The high today was in the 70s this afternoon, but it was down to 59 degrees by the time we made it back to the hotel room after dark. What a wonderfully perfect day!

Tomorrow: Seawall and Bass Harbor Lighthouse

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