#110 NE Corner-Mexico chicken & a Bath bridge

Fleeter Log #110
NE Corner-Mexico Chicken & Bath Bridge

Day 8 - Friday
September 7, 2007
253 miles

Bangor Maine to White River Junction, Vermont

NE Corner Trip
Day 8 Friday We pull out of Bangor, Maine at 9:30am with a crisp 66 degrees air temp and a bright sunny sky above. I95 south is our route out of town, but our exit for US2 is only a quick 30 miles away. There already are signs of fall color in the area. The color may be spotty, but when we come across the early preview I start thinking about coming back in a few weeks. Or later in the year... next time.

One stop shopping for most all edibles on your list.This is the same diner we ate at last year passing through Farmington, Maine on the way to Rangeley (Fleeter Log #37). Just a small place away from the Interstates where most of the customers are regulars.
We didn't eat here, but it certainly got our interest. Maybe the next time through Mexico, Maine we'll make this a lunch spot.

Still on US2, we spot another 'Paul' in Rumford, Maine.
In Rumford, we see moose and Indians loitering near the river.

We shared sky with the White Mountains as we crossed into New Hampshire.

On stayed on US2 running along side the White Mountains into Gorham, NH.

There are some moose that will stay still long enough for a second look or a photo -- though I didn't stop for this shot, but snapped it as I rolled by. After making our way across New Hampshire, we entered the small community of Bath on US302 about 5 miles from the Vermont state line. The Brick Store, the oldest general store in America, is located in Bath and has been in continuous operation since the 1790s. http://www.thebrickstore.com/ Also in Bath, we see an old covered bridge at the edge of town. That's the backside of The Brick Store in the background. Kiss'n Bridge? The Bath Village Covered Bridge is the longest covered bridge in New Hampshire and one of the oldest in America. Like on the Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge (Fleeter Log #37 ), there's a sign noting the fine for 'speeding' across the bridge.

Entering Vermont, we jump onto I91 and head south to White River Junction, VT.

We make our stop for the night at the Comfort Suites in
White River Junction, VT about 6pm ... early enough to make it a laundry night.

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