#104 NE Corner-Jockey Hollow Nonesense

September 1, 2007
279 miles

NE Corner Trip
Day 2

We got under way in the refreshing 60 degree temperatures.

Riding US30 across the Susquehanna River.

Crossing under the Blue Mountain & Reading railway near Reading, Pennsylvania.

Crossing the Delaware River into New Jersey.

Morristown, New Jersey had some NPS stamp collecting opportunities. So off we went stamp hunting...

The Jockey Hollow visitor center serves up a stamp and directions to another one that can be found in downtown Morristown at Washington's Headquarters.

On the way to Washington's Headquarters, we find Fort Nonsense by taking the short twisty road to the top of a hill overlooking the town.

What's in a name? I can see where Washington liked to "hold the high ground" during conflict.

Crossing the Hudson River into White Plains, New York. "...into New York." That must explain the heavier traffic backing up to cross the $4 toll bridge.

Sylvia was not happy about how close to her Honda VTX the car at the Shell station parked when there was plenty room to be had without crowding the parking situation. I said either the Lexus driver had excellent driving (parking) skills or she got darn lucky that she didn't hit Sylvia's bike. We decided that she was darn lucky. The woman seemed unfazed at how close she parked. I thought that might be explained by the New York tags on the car. My guess is that she's from NYC and their concept of personal space is a bit different there as elsewhere. Life is certainly different here than what I experienced out West...the land of wide open spaces!

About 5:30pm, we checked into a hotel in Norwalk, CT for the night. It was 79 degrees as we were unloading... it was the high of the day. I can handle that!

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