#58 Guilford Courthouse NMP

Guilford Courthouse NMP

October 26, 2006

393 miles

I made it home to Fredericksburg, VA Thursday night at 7:35pm. Since there was rain coming in, I decided to just hit the freeway and get on home. So by Friday morning I was taking it easy with the fire going in the fireplace, drinking my coffee, and watching it pour down rain!

Thursday morning it had warmed up significantly, to 47 degreesby the time I left Boone in the late morning. I had a delayed start from Boone because I spent extra time that morning having coffee with new friends I met in the lobby of the motel. Judy & Bill from, of all places, Willis, Texas. It was great to meet some Texans in Boone, NC!

In Greensboro, I visited a National Military Park, then I got on the freeway and rode the last 250 miles home.

I crossed the VA/NC state line about 5pm --the sun had finally come out, but now it was so late in the day it was already low behind the trees. It was cold riding after dark, but better than riding in the cold rain! It was about 41 degrees when I arrived home.

This old bridge is about 18 miles east of Boone, NC. The colors were beautiful even though the day was overcast. Imagine what it would have looked like if the sun were out shining some light on those brightly colored leaves!

I found this old bridge off US421.
I made a stop in Greensboro at the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park.
The park had a nice 2 1/4 mile loop road though the park.

Along the loop road were several monuments and statues. This is a monument to Major Joseph Winston, an American Revolutionary War hero, who is buried nearby. The town of Winston, later to become Winston-Salem, was named for him.
About 5pm, I crossed the state line back into Virginia.
This trip included 10 states. That brings the number of states fleetered in to 22.

Total trip in miles: 5,122
Total states visited: 10
Total trip duration: 7 weeks
Total trip in pictures: Too many to count!

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