#57 Some Ying with That Yang

Some Ying with that Yang

October 25, 2006
123 miles

Okay...so I can't always have it perfect on the road. You have to have some highs with your lows, some Ying with your Yang, and so forth. I get all packed up this morning when the temperature reaches into the high 30s...thinking I'm ready to hit the road for another excellent day without a hitch... but noooo. Today decides to throw me a bit of a challange. Today... Fleeter won't start.

Where you saw him parked last night, is where he seems happy to be staying...like he's cold and tired or something. I tried to push start, then I had help trying to push start, but it's just not happening.
But I still have options...
I brought a Battery Tender along on the trip. Now just to find an outlet where I can get plugged in. Here comes motel maintenance to the rescue by providing an extension cord and a push to the side of the building where I can access an outlet. We get Fleeter hooked up then I have an hour plus to waste while Fleeter gets a boost intravenously...so to speak. I sit around the motel lobby until I think it's time to give it a go. I unplug him, get all set as if I know he will be ready to go now. Sure enough, he cranked right up. We fially start our roll down the road...late. Really late. But what the hay...it's only time.

It warmed up to 44 degrees by the time I got the wheels turning again ...under Fleeter's own power.
So today was short and a little rushed once I got on the road, but I still saw lots of good sights and had a great weather day.

I made a quick drive by to drop off some postcards at the Parrotsville Post Office.
Parrotsville is noted as being Tennessee's oldest town...according to the sign coming into town.

Cool river.
Not sure how this bridge got its name...Love Bridge.

Pet Milk established a plant in Greeneville, TN in 1928.
Also in Greenville is the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site.

Here's another covered bridge I stumbled across today. Well, not really. Actually, I just rode up to it on Fleeter. This one is in Elizabethton, TN.

Highway US321 offered some excellent views...especially when the Watauga Lake was within view. The sun was a little too low for optimal shots, but here is what I came up with.

Can you see why this would be a fun road to ride astride? (click to enlarge)
Made it to Boone, North Carolina as the sun sunk low enough to significantly make it a chillier ride. Time to stop and get a room.

Still Loving the Ride

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