#49 Keep Austin Weird!

Keep Austin Weird!

October 11-17, 2006

I showed up at Susan's house in north Austin on Monday.
Tuesday I met Lisa for lunch in the rain...sorry no picture. I didn't get the camera out in the rain.

Wednesday I met Johnna for lunch at El Mercado on Burnett.
After lunch with Johnna, I drove around and was reminded why Austin is weird.

I guess you could say it suddenly came to me -- like a light bulb went off in my head. I knew what the theme would be for this Fleeter Log.

Weirdness jumps out at you from all directions as you drive the streets of Austin.

Sign up here for a knife throwing class!

The Broken Spoke is an Austin original in a town known for their originality!
Old tour bus parked at the The Broken Spoke.
Name on bus is ... The Texas Top Hand Western Swing Band.

Plenty of weird sights on most any street corner...
Cowboy Harley in south Austin has a new way to pull that wagon!

Another Austin music scene hotspot is Hill's Cafe.

Wonder how a "lucky" cat came to have only three legs? Maybe it's lucky to have 3 leags thather than 2 legs?
The Texas Capital
The Texas Museum...well worth the visit!
Austin had some serious storms. This was one that came through the day I met D.Q. for lunch.
Austin is proud of their weirdness and want to keep it that way.
I know this because there are bumper stickers all over Austin that proclaim that sentiment, but I failed to find one to get the picture.
However, apparently Austin wants to stay whiskered too.

This car's driver seems to have an affinity for aliens.
The Dell Diamond in Hutto is the home to the Round Rock Express.

Heading to College Station to give the Aggie's a chance at me.
I try to get along with both cultures!
Staying Weird on the Road.
Heading to Aggie Land...

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