#50 Aggie Time!

Aggie Time !

October 17-18, 2008
Tuesday & Wednesday

Texas A&M in located in College Station, Texas -- Home of the Aggies.
Gigging 'em with the Aggies!

Broussard time! ...And a Boyd too!
Jamie ran later than she thought in getting home from Houston so she didn't make the picture.

Jamie's son, Brandon, was much more interested in Fleeter this visit. Last visit he was a little overwhelmed.This is me with Mark, his daughter Emily, and Brandon. I hadn't seen Mark since his lifeguarding days in Orange. He and Jamie worked with me back in the 1980s when we were all younger.

Leaving College Station, I headed to Louisiana.
Is this a good enough clue as to what town I was in?

In case that was too hard for some of you...here's a bigger clue.
Killer Burger? Should I be impressed or scared?
Not enough rain yet to get this lake (Sam Rayburn, I think) back to normal.
How does the song go? Texas over my left hand shoulder...
close enough since the photo isn't in the rearview mirror.

And back into Louisiana. Met a fellow named JW Gooch in the visitor center. Conversation started out... Can you guess? "Is that your bike out there? Where you going?" Turns out he used to live in Orange, TX back when I ran the Natatorium there.

(If you don't know...go look it up. It'll explain my connection to the Broussards!)

Natchitoches, LA (pronounced Nack- a- tish).
But some of you Cajuns already knew that!

Home of Northwestern University.

South of Natchitoches, LA along the Cane River are several old Plantation Houses.
Cherokee Plantation's driveway.
Front of Oakland Plantation.
Old gas pumps near Oakland.

Some of the old plantation outbuildings.

This was a rushed tour...the rain wasn't holding back much longer. I'd been waiting for it most of the day and it's about to pour.

I got Fleeter as close to "in the room with me" as I could.
Glad I did. It stormed, flooded, and spawned some small tornados in the area during the night.
It didn't stop raining until after 10:30am. So took a delayed start to let the storms get plenty far ahead of me!

Next: Challenges in Vicksburg, Mississippi

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