#72 Home from Moonshine!

April 20, 2007
345 miles
Day 9

Beautiful day! Cool 48 degrees heading out from the motel, but the sun was shining bright! It will get up to 73 degrees by the time I get home. Loaded up and ready to head out from the Best Western in LaVale, MD.

It's such a nice day, I decide to head NE for a bit rather than turning straight south into Virginia.
Catoctin Mountain Park called my name. I went to collect the stamp, but I'll go back again to ride Hwy 77.

Maryland Hwy 77 through Catoctin Mountain Park.
Hwy 77 on the way to Thurmont, Maryland.

Next stop: Brunswick, Maryland in search of a stamp at the museum downtown.
There's the old rail depot in Brunswick, MD.
And there's the Museum in an old brick building downtown...just a couple blocks away from the depot. This is where I'll fine a stamp to add to my NPT collection.
This local guy isn't a rider, but was quite taken with Fleeter. Might have something to do with his last name...FLEE.
Moving on down the road. Time to cross into Virginia. Which means this fleetering adventure is drawing to an end.
The bridge that takes me across the Potomac River and into Virginia.

I think I've said before that I like the back roads... Well this is my kind of road. The sign says so...
click to enlarge
Just down the way a bit on Back Road is Baker Store in Mt. Olive, Virginia. Baker Store is a stop on the Virginia Tour. The VA Tour provides a collection of stops in a booklet where, if you visit each of the stops on your motorcycle - answering a question about the location to prove that you were there -- you get a certificate of completion and a pin for your efforts. Kinda of like a treasure hunt on your motorcycle. Gives you purpose and a destination to get off the main roads and onto those back roads that I like so much.
Sometimes my "back roads" get pretty "back there" ... as long as they stay paved, I'm good with it!
On the way to Ida, VA.

Where the heck is Jill taking me?!
I stopped to admire the small church and to collect it as a stop on the VA Tour.
This fella was out working there-abouts and was right proud of his little old church and offered me a look inside.
Every time I would take a picture he was careful to step aside. So I snuck this one of him before I left.
Heading back over the Blue Ridge Mountains near Luray, VA.
Every time I pass by this store, I wonder...
Are they really antiques if they are making them daily??
I guess someone could call and ask...
Okay, I know this is a really bad photo, but the story is good. I'm riding along and I see someone out mowing their lawn...nothing new there. Then I see this little kid on their mini bike riding along with Mom as she rides the riding lawn mower. How cute is that? Then the kid saw me and about broke his arm waving! Guess he was excited to see someone he related to much more than his mom on her machine!
Now that's just cute as a dickens...I don't care who you are!
That brings us to the end of the 2007 Moonshine Lunch Run.
Nothing wrong with riding 802 miles one way to get a Moonburger!
Moonshine Lunch Run trip summary:

Total trip miles: 2,780 (per GPS)

Total trip time: 9 days

Stamps collected: 17

States fleetered in this trip: 9

Fleetering life is good!

Home long enough to have Fleeter serviced, mow the lawn, etc.
Then Back to Texas...

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