#66 Louisville to Casey, thru Santa Claus

April 13, 2007
252 miles

Day 2

I slept in at the Sleep Inn in Louisville, KY Friday morning. With the memory of chilled bones so fresh in my mind, I wasn't eager to get an early start when I woke up to a 35 degree temperature outside.

The sun came out strong and the temperature raised to 42 degrees by the time I left the motel at 10am. Driving down the freeway into Louisville, I realized that I probably wasted at least an hour -- it was quite comfortable riding down the road.

I was excited to be in the vicinity of Recreonics (aquatics supply business). In a previous life, I had worked very closely with some of these people and was looking forward stopping by to surprise them with a Fleeter visit. These are all loyal Fleeter Log followers.

Just a couple exits down from Recreonics is Churchill Downs. You can tell that they are gearing up for something BIG. You may have heard of it...the Kentucky Derby!

I drove the perimeter looking for some race horses out stretching their legs, but no luck.

But I did see lots of stables where it looks like there should be some horses around somewhere.

A friendly security guard let me come in long enough to take a picture of Fleeter with the backstretch. I thought it might be pushing it to ask him to open the fence and bring the starting gates around for my photo.

This is the only horse a saw in the vicinity of Churchill Downs.

This reminds me of a "horsey" story. A few of you may already know this story, but most of you do not.

Once upon a time, many years ago in the time of the Civil War, there was a spy running around them hills of Virginia spying for the Confederates. HER name was Belle Boyd. Her HORSE'S name was FLEETER. When I got my Fleeter in the summer of 2005, I started my fleetering around in "them there hills" of Virginia.

So I named my faithful steed Fleeter.

...and I feel certain that Belle Boyd's horse was a ... black horse.

So now you know the story of Fleeter's namesake.

Leaving Louisville, I continued west into Indiana.

Driving down this road, I had the sensation of "carnival time" and it took me a bit to figure out why.

You see I thought I could smell funnel cake. There would be a hint of funnel cake smell, then it would go away. It could be that I hadn't eaten yet today so I was dreaming of food. But those that know me, know that this wouldn't be my dream food of choice. But a few miles up the road, I figured it out. I came upon a traveling carnival caravan. And there it was ... the source of the sweet smells ... the sweet tooth concession on wheels. Sure enough, once I passed it, no more funnel cake smells wafting my way.
I could probably come up with a creative story about these photos, but I'll just leave it up to the reader's imagination.

And this must be where the elves get all the tools for the workshop.

Yes, Virginia, there is Santa Claus...Indiana. ZIP 47579
Time to get the first NPS stamp of this outing...
Lincoln Birthplace National Memorial visitor center.

Next stamp location: George Rogers Clark National Historical Park
The character behind the counter in the visitor center.
Crossing into Illinois. The home of Moonshine.

Getting close now...
I arrive at downtown Casey, Illinois.
When I get to the hotel, I see that I am not the first to arrive, but neither am I the last.

Riders will continue to roll in the rest of today and in the morning...just in time for Moonshine!

Not much space for cars, but no bother. Those gathering for Moonshine arrive on two wheels and they have booked up the hotel.
About 6:30pm we head over to Richards Farm Restaurant for a buffet supper. Lined up for the spread at Richards Farm Restuarant. Someone said they counted 230, but easily could have been more.
There's Barb from Pearland and some of the new friends I found this weekend.
Charles, Joyce, Tin, Barb, me, Don

Tomorrow: Moonshine or BUST!

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