#70 Kentucky Caves to Ohio Farmland

April 18, 2007
324 miles
Day 7

Even though I thought I was far enough north to miss the rain, I found myself right at the edge of the rainy weather when I woke up the next morning. I still needed to back-track a few miles to get to Mammoth Cave, then head north -- past the rain. It varied from light rain to mist to only road spray as I rode into Mammoth Cave NP, but I was riding on dry pavement within 40 miles north of Cave City.
I didn't take time to go inside the caves, but I hear it is worth a trip back to do so. While riding to the interior of the park to the visitor center, I spied 6+ wild turkey along the road.
While riding north on I65, I saw a sign for Abraham Lincoln's Birthplace near Hodgenville, KY. So I flipped on my blinker and took the exit...(Notice the camera? One of my self portrait techniques. I use the timer and set the camera on my tourpack luggage.) click to enlarge photo

After transversing Kentucky again, this time longitudinally rather than latitudinal, I entered Ohio at Cincinnati.
Right into the downtown area at 4:30pm ...only...
...to find that the William Howard Taft NHS closed at 4pm. Locked doors with the stamp safely sitting within view on the other side. Doh! No stamp in my book this stop.

Leaving Cincinnati, I enter into the open farmlands of southwestern Ohio. Yes, I could suddenly feel the winds blowing across the open, flat fields. Glad it was a low wind day.
I don't know if you can make it out in this photo, but arching just above the mirror is a rainbow!
It spanned all the way across the sky to the other side of the I71. (click to enlarge)
I turned right off I71 onto US35 to Chillicothe, Ohio.
Home for tonight will be the Comfort Inn in Chillicothe, Ohio.
Tomorrow my first stop will be the Hopewell Cultural NHP just a few miles down the road.

Tomorrow: East on The National Road.

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