#73 Layton's High School Graduation

May 24, 2007

New Braunfels, Texas

My oldest nephew, Layton, graduated from New Braunfels High School. YEE-HAW!
And he has the paper with his name on it to PROVE IT!
After the ceremony, we had a celebratory supper at Texas Reds in San Marcos. This was the last picture of the night before the graduate goes his own way to party the night away and the rest of us go home.
Sterling, Layton, Bailey and my sister, Lorrie.
Mike was gettig the truck--it had started to pour down rain as we left the restaurant!
You notice that this Fleeter Log starts in Texas.
You may wonder how I got to Texas...because you haven't seen any photos of my trip down.
A very observant reader you are!
For the first time, Fleeter was trailered. I didn't have much of a choice.
I needed to take Fritz, the dog, with me and didn't feel right about taking him on Fleeter.
So we pack his bag and load up.

We all trailered down to Texas.

Fritz, the pickup, and trailer will stay in New Braunfels while I fleeter back to Virginia.
Thanks to my sister and her family for taking care of Fritz for the summer.
AND thanks to Shonah for "doggy sitting" for the dog sitter! Without y'all helping, I wouldn't be able to put the fleeter miles in like I hope to this summer!
So anybody that enjoys these logs, owes a thanks to Fritz's caretakers! And THANKS again from me!
The original plan was to leave Texas heading north to Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa.
Then turning east through Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and on home to Virginia.
But the entire Midwest appears to have a slow moving front with severe thunderstorms...for the next WEEK! So reluctantly, I decide to save that trip for another day. After studying the weather channel, it seems that the driest route with the least lightening strikes will be across the Southeast. The trick will be to escape Texas and the worsening storms intensifying and growing...
Watching the weather channel in New Braunfels and looking for a way through the weather...

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