#44 Fleetering Around Goliad

Fleetering Around Goliad

September 24-27, 2006

On my way from Magnolia to Goliad, I went past the Country Club of Cat Spring.
This helicopter is a Vietnam Veteran's Memorial north of Hallettsville.
Just how wide do you think one of those might be?
Not as wide as I thought it would be!
Lavaca County courthouse in Hallettsville, Texas.
Just another fabulous Texas sunset.

My friend and roommate from years ago, Lynette with her husband George, own and operate the
Raisin L Ranch. It's not your typical kind of ranch, but then ... Lynette never was typical!
It's a great place. Check it out.

Now this is deep in the heart of my old stomping grounds.
Really...if you count two-stepping as a kind of stomping. This is where I spent many a Saturday night (even some Friday nights) way back in the day...

And you probably wouldn't believe me if I told you this is where we had parties. But really, this caleche pit was the location of at least one high school graduation party.
Goliad County courthouse.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch...one fence line over,
there was a slight fire control problem.
Seems the wind picked up and spread a once "controlled" brush pile fire.
Heading back home after the fire truck excitement...
When I was a kid, I put in many hours wandering these roads on my horses!
One afternoon, while staying in Goliad, I got a guided tour by a "yellow jacket."
The "yellow jacket" got me home before sunset...barely.
There's home...as the sun sets.
Peeking out my bedroom window at sunrise.

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