#42 "I DO" Run

September 14, 2006
140 miles

RTT (Return to Texas)
Day 6
From Orange, it's a short hop-along TX105 over to Magnolia. This is the longcut that misses Houston -- longer on the odometer, but shorter on the clock and stress.
I'm going to Rita's house to attend her daughter's wedding.
On the way I went through Sour Lake...Home of Texaco.
Cut and Shoot, Texas...yes, there is such a place.
But this is not the appropriate town for the wedding...
September 15, 2006
I DO Run... run run, I do run run
Day 7
Ursula Everitt married Justin Devore in Cypress, Tx September 15, 2006.
They both "I do-ed" each other.
It's done! Yeah!
Now the complicated stuff...Cake time.
Is this a look of trust?!
Always hate to leave a good party, but they manage.

I-do the Fleetering ...

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