#139w Dead Horse Point & Canyonlands in Utah

Fleeter Log #139w
Dead Horse Point State Park
Canyonlands National Park
Day 29 - Wednesday
May 13, 2009
134 miles
Moab to Dead Horse Point, Canyonlands National Park, then back to Moab

Breakfast at Moab Diner at 7am with one group of friends, then back to the Inn to join another group to explore the scenic views in the area. We were on the road in search of awesome views by 8:30am.

Our first stop is Dead Horse Point State Park. There is a $10 entry fee to this park that is not covered by the National Park Pass, but word has it that the Park's scenic views are worth the fee. So in we go!

Pictured next to my GS is John Bryant of Tennessee and Mike Newton of North Carolina.

Stretching my boundaries to get a better look.
Getting my $10 worth!

 Here's a photo of today's group: 
John Bryant of Tennessee, Barb Smith of Texas, me, Mike Newton of North Carolina, and Rick Gillstrom of Pennsylvania.

Here's the "money shot" view at Dead Horse Point. Movie SPOILER ALERT! This the the canyon where Thelma & Louise took their flying drive at the end of the movie. The agreement was that NO DEBRIS would be left behind -- "Leave it as you found it" policy in effect. However, flying a 1966 Thunderbird off a 2,000 foot cliff tends to create a huge debris field! The park ranger said that the movie people were cleaning up for days after that scene was shot!

That's Potash Road and the Shafer Trail down along the 
Colorado River at the bottom of the canyon.
Sometimes flower sniffin' can be grueling . . . one must have nourishment on hand. Out here in The Great Southwest, there isn't always a corner market available so I have a few goodies stashed away in my topcase. If you look closely you will see Gatorade, nuts, power bars, a beef stick/cheese, jerky, etc. Many of my fleetering days are spent on the move and some days I don't come across an irresistible diner, so it's always good to be prepared with snacks for stops at scenic overlooks and trails. Today, I have enough to share . . .

Group photo at the entrance to Canyonlands National Park. Looks like the Alien Family on vacation, doesn't it?

Of this group, Barb and I had Annual National Park Passes. The rules state that each pass holder can claim up to 3 additional people at a per person entry fee location. Some rangers interpret motorcycle riders differently, but this ranger waived us all in with a smile 
when Barb and I both showed our Passes.

Even when staying on paved roads in Canyonlands National Park, we are rewarded with the Green River Overlook and Grand View Point Overlook.

You will notice that from this vantage point, it is easy to see the curvature of the Earth. I saw the same curvature when looking out over Lake Superior from Michigan's Upper Peninsula last year. When in a place that this phenomena is visible, it is worth a few extra moments to take it in.

 It's the kind of view that you just need to stop and take the time to absorb the majesty of what you are seeing.

 Just be careful not to slip when so close to the edge.

 No worries. I made it back up on safe ground!

Notice Rick's shirt. That's a picture showing the locations of the 
MTF 2009 Flower Sniffin' Rides -- Utah, West Virginia, and Arkansas.
Rick was trying see if he could spot any of our Rough Road Riding buddies down on White Rim Trail. It would take a good set of binoculars to see much that far down! 

 Time to head back to Moab. Apparently, my snacks weren't enough for this group. They were ready to go find something hot to eat in town.

 Remember one of the reasons we lone-type riders meet up to share the road a few times a year?
That's right -- To take photos of each other rolling down the road!

 Somebody caught me in the act of documenting my riding buddies.

 We made it back to Moab for a late lunch at the Slick Rock Cafe then some shopping as we strolled around downtown.

 Evening time in Moab as MTF friends gather around the Storytelling Circle back at the Inn for our last night to enjoy each others company before we take to the roads going our own separate ways.
That's me with Joe and Deb Kelly of New Mexico.

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