#139q Zion National Park UT

Fleeter Log #139q
Zion National Park, Utah

Day 23 - Thursday
May 7, 2009
78 miles

Hurricane, UT to Zion and back
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Hurricane got its name from a whirlwind passing through here in the 1800s. The town is located on a large, dry expansive, and stayed dry until 50 years later when the waters from the Virgin River were delivered by canal to the dry, flat bench.

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I take a room at the Comfort Inn for two nights with plans to spend today in Zion, coming back here for the night, then heading north up I15 on Friday.

The terrain starts getting more interesting as I get closer to Zion National Park on UT9.

The main entrance to Zion National Park near Springdale, Utah.

After stopping at the visitor center near Springdale, I climb higher into the canyon using the ribbon of pavement that twists and turns its way through and past the red rock walls.

In the background you can see one of the arches developing in the red limestone cliffs.

 One of the many tunnels on the way through the Park to the eastern entrance.

When I reach the eastern border of Zion NP, I flip a U-turn and begin retracing my route back the way I just came.
As breathtaking as the view is riding up the canyon, it's even better looking back down.

Blondie's Diner in Springdale is located in a renovated 1920s home. It's a homey place that serves a good burger! It was recommended to me by one of the locals.
Leaving Springdale with a full belly, I follow along the Virgin River to Virgin, Utah.

The town of Virgin is home to approximately 146 homeowners and everyone of them has a working firearm . . . if they are law abiding citizens, that is. In May 2000, a law was passed that every Virgin homeowner keep and maintain a firearm. My guess is that they have not just one, but several . . . and they had them well before May 2000.

By the time I make it back to Hurricane, I feel the Dairy Queen calling to me. Specifically, I feel the need to take one of their milkshakes off their hands. Gotta love these panniers on the GS--perfect place to carry an ice cream treat back to the hotel room!

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  1. You got to love a small town the has a good Dairy Queen!

    Mike Brown

  2. Every law abiding citizen has a firearm. Mike will want to move there, you watch!

  3. Claye, your pictures are great as always . Hold my breath waiting for your next log. You are the best.

  4. Rock..on. hehee
    Tom Miller