#139d Aliens in Roswell?

Fleeter Log #139d
Aliens in Roswell?

2009 April 24-25
Day 10 - 11, Friday & Saturday
April 24-25, 2009

31 miles

At 8:30am I'm riding back into Roswell in search of aliens and feeling a bit heady with the anticipation.
It doesn't take long to find signs of aliens, but no actual aliens. If they are here, they are being a bit elusive.
I decide that the best place to learn the story behind the Roswell Incident would be to visit the Museum and Research Center, but it doesn't open until 9am.
So I spot a coffee shop across the street and decide a cup of coffee is in order.
I saw these two suspects loitering across the street and thought I spotted an alien for sure, but upon closer inspection see that they are the blow up kind of aliens for sale in the store. Close, but not what I'm looking for.
I try to mix with the locals and not make any sudden moves as I drink my coffee. Maybe if I blend in with the local fabric and pay close attention to my surroundings, I'll spy a real alien.
No luck in finding an alien while watching the street traffic pass by the coffee shop. Time to be more proactive. I'll pay my money like a good tourist and do my hunting in the UFO Museum and Research Center.

If there are Close Encounters of the Third Kind, then it would stand to reason that there are Close Encounters of the First and Second Kind. What are they?

Close Encounters of the First Kind: Sighting of one or more UFOs at a distance of 500 feet or less.
Close Encounters of the Second Kind: Sighting of a UFO with associated physical effects (e.g. heat, electrical interference, etc).
Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Sighting of an actual animated being (presumably an alien).

Story goes that in early July of 1947, something crashed in a remote area north of Roswell. The debris field is strewn for miles over two counties. The debris material was of a substance never before seen by those that found it or other locals that studied it. But the military was interested. Real Interested. They secured the area, combing and clearing the entire area -- removing any debris left behind from the crash. The government went to a lot of trouble to clean a up a very large crash site cause by . . . a weather balloon?

So the question is: Was there a Close Encounter of the Third kind near Roswell, New Mexico in July of 1947? Well now, that is the question, isn't it? The debate has gone on for years and will probably never be settled to everyone's satisfaction.

Since there is no proof in the museum . . . like an alien swimming in a pickling solution, the debate rages on. Alien or weather balloon? Does it really matter? The point is . . . The question exists!

The whole town of Roswell seems to have been bitten by the Alien Bug. And just think, until 12 or 13 years ago Roswell was not associated with aliens in the commercial way that is evident today. Up until the 50th Anniversary of the Roswell Incident, this bit of Roswell's past had been successfully swept under the rug of history and the details obscured by time (with help from the government) . . . even most of Roswell's own residents had never heard the story or were afraid to repeat it. But after the U.S. Air Force published its "final report" of what happened in July 1947, the debate was fired up again. Now everyone in town knows the story. Some believe, some don't. But everyone knows the story.

Stan Crosby, organizer of the fiftieth anniversary celebration --UFO Encounter of 1997-- states, "We're not blessed with an incredible beach or gorgeous mountains. We had a UFO or balloon crash, and if it was balloon crash, then it was the most famous balloon crash in the world. . . . We have taken lemons and made lemonade out of it, besides when was the last time Roswell was on the cover of Time magazine? People will complain that it's over commercialized, but at least they're spelling Roswell right in all of these newspapers and now the entire world knows about our town."

Twelve years later . . .Roswell is still known for the Roswell Incident: The place where alien life forms may have crash landed on earth in the summer of 1947.

Once upon a time the location of the New Mexico Military Institute was what people knew Roswell for.

The way Roswell described itself before the Alien Invasion.

Hmmm . . . I wonder if there WERE aliens flying around in UFOs, if they would find it interesting that an earthling was conducting experiments of liquid fuel rocket flights in Roswell and find it worthy of a fly-by visit? Ummm, I wonder . . .
Did I mention that there was a storm the night of the crash?

Once upon a time, many years ago in a place called Goliad in the land of Texas, I had a close friend named Sheila Keith. We became friends during our high school years and though I was born and raised in Goliad, Sheila and her family were Okies that found themselves in South Texas as her Dad was a trucker in the oil business. Sheila's time in Goliad was only a short two years, but the friendship sealed there has lasted over thirty years. Today I will see Sheila again for the first time since 1985. While living in Roswell with her family, Sheila met a local boy that she took a shine to. When her Dad was transferred and it was time for the family to move once again, Sheila decided to stay in Roswell and marry her beau, Hub Corn.

I'm still a bit heady even after touring the UFO Museum. Maybe it isn't the anticipation of finding an alien, but the anticipation of seeing a good friend again after many years.

Sheila hasn't changed much in 24 years. She is still the same bubbly girl though now a mother of three grown children and the matriarch of the Eden Valley Farm north of Roswell, NM. I will spend the next couple of days with Sheila and her family on the Eden Valley Farm.

The road to the family home is a few miles of gravel. The GS felt right at home. It was obviously more prepared for that type of route than I. But since the surface is well maintained, I manage with no problems. The GS showed me the way.
The next day Sheila shows me around the farm. It's lamb birthing time in New Mexico. This new-born lamb is just minutes old. Mama Ewe isn't so sure about us getting this close, but good thing we did. The lamb was lying with it's neck bent back in a way that blocked it's airway. Sheila repositioned it and the lamb started breathing again. It even raised its head for the photo. She saved it's life . . . another day on the ranch.
(click on any photo to enlarge)

After saying hello to some of the new lambs (over twenty were born just today), Sheila takes me on a private tour. This time we aren't checking on the sheep, cattle, or horses. She has something a bit more unusual in mind to show me.

We head about 20 miles up the road, through a few gates and across a few cattle guards.

We finally arrive at a remote place located over ten miles from the public highway. It just might be one of the most unique places in the history of the earth.

Sheila explains: Her husband, Hub, says he didn't know about this special location when his family bought the property in 1976, and only found out after a bunch of strangers started showing up and traipsing around in the early 1990s. Hub had been finding a growing evidence of trespassing. Thinking there may be drug activity happening on his property, he notified a local LEO to keep an eye out. A few days later the LEO contacted Hub with his findings. Hub didn't believe what he was hearing at first, but it did make sense. Apparently, this location had been made public by those who were researching what occurred in Roswell many years ago. According to the researchers, one stormy night in July of 1947 an unidentified craft traveling at a high rate of speed skipped over the flat plains of Lincoln and Chaves counties and eventually came to an abrupt halt when hitting the limestone wall you see in the photo. The stone pillars have been erected by those who believe, showing the flight path they think the craft took when it crashed that night.

In front of the place where the believers determined that the aliens met their doom is a large stone tablet that reads:
"We don't know who they were
We don't know why they came
We only know they changed our view of the universe

This universal sacred site
is dedicated July 1997
to the beings
who met their destinies
near Roswell, New Mexico
July 1947"

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In the still remoteness of the location, one can just about imagine how it may have happened that night 60 years ago.
The truth is out there.

Do you believe?

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  2. You did a wonderful job!! Enjoyed the read, and the reminder of what a nice weekend we had catching up!! Keep that 2-wheeler rolling.

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