#139c Trading Saddles

Fleeter Log #139c
Trading Saddles
2009 April 22-23

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Day 8 - Wednesday
April 22, 2009
0 miles

This is what my view from the saddle looks like today. Its been a long time since I've had this view.

My ride for the day.

After some arena work to give the horses a good workout in the sand, Donna and I leave the barns behind and head to open pasture.

We find a fence line to ride, because that's where we ran out of trail.

Something just looks out of place here . . . Oh, I know what it is.
Wrong name on the spurs. I was borrowing Donna's spurs.
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I don't think the GS looks completely out of place here. The GS has the kind of personality that fits into many different settings!

As the sun went down, Donna and I went out to Jerry's Hill to honor Jerry's memory and enjoy a view he always liked.

It's been an emotional day. Spending time in the saddle (while horseback) and at Jerry's place, brought back a lot of memories of my elder brother. It was the first time I'd been back to Hereford since his funeral in 2004.
Emotional, but still a good day!

Day 9 - Thursday
April 23, 2009
181 miles
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Hereford, Texas to Roswell, New Mexico

After one more visit to The Ranch House Restaurant for the lunch buffet, I pack up to leave town . . . My advice: If you are ever hungry when in Hereford Texas, eat here. Good food, small price.
. . . and say goodbye to my new friend, Molly the Cow Dog, before pulling out to continue my westward trek.

Anyone looking for a RTE destination and having a hankering for a Texas Cheeseburger, might want to try the Biggest Small Town in Texas . . . Friona. Word is that they know something of cheeseburgers here.

I cross into the Land of Enchantment . . . and another state gets its color.

I suppose no place is perfect, but Portales, NM doesn't try to hide the fact that not all their population is the friendliest sort.

I saw a lot of road like this on my way from Texas to Roswell. At least it was overcast with a hint of showers in the area holding the high temperature to a reasonable 85 degrees.

I found these ruins of an old school house not too far down a dirt road off US70 NE of Roswell.

Arriving in Roswell, there is no doubt that there is an alien connection to the town.
Some obvious signs, and some not so obvious.

After making a pass through town, I make my way to a friend's house that I met through the MTF for the night.

Tomorrow I will look for more aliens . . .

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