#122 Home From Macon

Home From Macon
422 miles

Day 5

Today is significantly warmer than yesterday. I start out in the 50s, but end up in the low 70s as I wander around the back roads of southern Virginia.

I don't know what the connection to Texas here is, but the sign got my attention and I pulled into fuel up -- premium at $3.29 per gallon in Walkertown, North Carolina.

The first 50 miles of the day is traveled on interstates and large US highways. It's just as well with the steady rain. The less I have to start, stop, stretch my feet to the ground, probably the better with the slick conditions. I made it through the Winston-Salem area and continue straight north to Virginia.

The morning looked much like this...

This was a "bright" spot along the road during a dismal and overcast day.
North of Martinsville, I found myself on hwy 108.
It's a nice rural area with a small road winding its way to VA40 near Rocky Mount and Gretna.
The Honda Riders of Tidewater put together the Virginia Grand Tour each year.
This is the third year that Sylvia and I have participated.

It works like this:
There are 15 checkpoints listed. If you document visiting a minimum of 12 of those checkpoints, then you will receive a finisher's pin. The checkpoints are usually located in the small back road communities. These are places that I may never have found if it weren't for the VA GT directing me there.
So today once I cross the state line back into Virginia, I will be wandering around the back roads locating some of the checkpoints.
Guess there used to be a Clay in these here parts of Virginia some years ago.
I don't see any Packers around, but the sign says that I'm in Green Bay, ...Virginia.
I made a short stop in Mannboro at Sydnor's for a Gatorade and a pepperoni cheese roll for a snack. (VA GT checkpoint)
Bremo Bluff is a very small community that you have to know where is before you can find it. (VA GT checkpoint)

Almost home...Mineral, VA. I remember in the summer of 2005 when I first fleetered through Mineral on the way to Crozier and thought that this was quite the motorcycle journey! ... a whole 150 miles round trip. Ha! How my MC touring range has grown!

The Macon Trip Summary

Distance: 1,412 miles

(click picture for larger view)

Stay tuned...I'm fleetering back to MOONSHINE before the week is up!

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