#121 Rainy Day in Georgia

Rainy Day in Georgia
317 miles

Day 4

I took my time getting up and out the next morning. Of course you could guess that Betty had breakfast for me. I couldn't eat it all, but I was generous when dipping into Betty's homemade whipping cream to top the peaches.

I leave just before 11am with a light mist falling.

Bishop is a small town south of Athens...
City of Royston, GA...home of Ty Cobb. Who knew?
I cross into South Carolina at Hartwell Lake.
I had a little fun with color on the shores of Hartwell Lake.
I saw this banner on US hwy 29 south of Homeland Park, South Carolina.
Jimmy Moore died in April 2003 when a car pulled out in front of him.
It was five years ago that Tommy Moore lost his son because another motorist wasn't watching out for motorcycles. Please everyone... pay special attention to motorcycles. Give us a little extra room and especially don't turn in front of us. The most common accident involving motorcycles is caused by a vehicle making a left turn in from of a motorcycle...then the driver saying, "I didn't see it." Don't forget to look for motorcycles!
Some say that the RT is a big bike, but I say it's all relative. This chair makes the RT look small...
It had been raining off and on all day. And started coming down harder as I pulled into Concord, North Carolina. I found this Sleep Inn off I85 about 5:30pm and stopped for the night. I unpacked in a light rain, it rained all night, and I packed up the next morning in the rain.

I haven't been in a sustained hard-driving downpour of a rain this trip, but so far I've been happy with my REI waterproof duffle I ordered "on clearance" for under $20. It has large grab straps on both ends, loop handles on top, and a shoulder strap along one side.
(Thanks for the tip, Jerry! I think it is very much like yours.)

I use Rok-Straps to cinch it down. To attach it to the RT, first I used two red soft ties to bring an attachment point from the rear bottom of the back rack closer to the duffle. Then I attached a set of Rok Straps - one end to the to the soft ties and the other end to the frame near the passenger pegs. Then I buckle them cross ways over the duffle and pull them tight. They are great straps -- very quick and easy to attach and remove -- and I fell the duffle is very secure in place. I put carabiners in the loops in case I want to quickly attach something or us them as a helmet keeper when parked.

Enough about packing techniques...
Tomorrow I start collecting for the VA Grand Tour shortly after crossing the state line back into Virginia.

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