#119 Makin' My Way To Macon

March 29, 2008
146 miles
Makin' My Way To Macon
Day 2

The next morning motorcycles started pulling into the parking lot of Sconyers at 10am.

When I pulled in, this is what I saw...
Riders from Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, and maybe even beyond. Most MTF riders share a certain riding style .... that is to ride far and solo. And what better excuse to ride than to meet like-minded friends for lunch a few state lines away?!

Someone took this photo of me as I pulled in. Notice the stretched toes to the ground. This is the kind of situation I dread...an unlevel gravel parking lot on a significant slope. I pulled in and stopped to assess the situation and pick out a spot to park. Not only thinking about where to best pull in to park, but also where to park that I could safely maneuver out of with a belly full of BBQ.
This RTE served as a gathering to welcome Beth (Alex's mom) back to the USA. She had been deployed to Baghdad, Iraq for the last 18 months. Pictured with her husband, Dan, and their kids.
This is probably the oldest one here... the Honda, not Richard! OldWing!
Me and my buddy Richard from Florida. I met Richard for the first time at Moonshine, Illinois last year.
Next on the agenda is Makin' My Way to Macon. I have a very important meeting scheduled in Macon.

Charles (pictured with me below) is going to follow me to Macon (just because), then head home to Marietta, GA.

So with our bellys full, we made our way in the direction of Macon.
Bartow is a small community we passed through on our way to Macon.
We make it to Macon in time to get a stamp at the Ocmulgee National Monument.

While at the park, the skies were threatening and the sky was beginning to spit down upon us. We saw the weather radar map on the ranger's computer in the visitor center and it wasn't looking too good for Charles' route back to Atlanta. It was looking like somebody was going to get very, very wet. Maybe all of us!

While Charles was "helmeting up" to get back on the road another MTF rider pulled in to the park in search of a stamp. Charles headed back to Atlanta and Don and I rode into the park to see the mounds. On the way we came across the this cool railroad bridge. Don took a picture of me as I rode through.

Sure enough, the rain starts pouring down as I travel I75 to the north side of Macon. My next stop is my very important meeting...

I am headed to Ms. Betty's house in north Macon. Let me explain who Betty is...
As many of you know, I write up my Fleeter Log trip reports and send them out to family and friends by email then post them to my blog. I started this routine in the summer of 2005. A few months after I started these reports a mutual friend started forwarding the Fleeter Logs to Betty. It didn't take too long for Betty to request to be listed proper on my mailing list so as there to be no delay in her receiving her Fleeter Logs. Ever since, she has been a number one fan of the Fleeter Logs! Betty has been campaigning for me to visit her in Macon for well over a year now. So this is my trip to meet finally meet Betty....

Meet my friend Betty...an 82 yr old faithful fleetering fan from Macon, Georgia!

Betty and I have a full day planned for tomorrow.

First, we will get fried in Juliette. Stay tuned...

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