#26 Austin, Texas

2006 June 16-19
GTT Trip - Austin and Temple

Fleeter got an oil change and I got a haircut just before leaving Fredericksburg, VA. Fleeter's GTT tripometer hit 4,000 miles while in New Braunfels ... which means time for another oil change. New Braunfels was a good place to take Fleeter in for service. Now that Fleeter's gotten an oil change, I'm thinking about a haircut. Maybe when I get to Dallas...
This trip to Austin isn't a sight-seeing trip, but rather a chance to catch up with a friend I haven't seen in a long time. Just as well because it rained most of the time I was there. I was glad to have Fleeter parked under a carport out of the rain during my visit.
State Capital in Austin, Texas

Texas State Capital from south Congress Avenue in Austin.

Bridge over Lake Austin on hwy 360 during Friday, 5pm traffic..Love that Austin traffic tangle!
On the way to Temple from Austin I took the back roads.
TX972 near Walburg, Texas
I met up with a bull that was outside the fence.

Temple was also a quick stop to say hello to a friend that I hadn't seen in many years.

Next stop ... Fort Worth, Texas

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