#27 Dallas / Fort Worth

2006 June 20-25
GTT Trip - Dallas/Fort Worth

I arrived at Alison's house in Fort Worth Monday evening and spent most of the day Tuesday washing clothes, working on the Fleeter Logs, and generally just resting up from the road and late nights.

I think I have a good idea why I'm running low on sleep on this trip. It's like this...
I arrive at a friend's house, we stay up late visiting (sometimes all night), I have a short night to sleep (or sometimes just a 2 hour nap), then I go to the next stop and do it again. Now what I'm figuring is happening, is when I go to my next stop the person I just left starts catching up on their sleep while I do another late night down the road at my next stop. Therefore, once a week or so I need to have a late morning or a slow day to rest up so I can do it some more!

By Wednesday, I was out running the roads again catching up and visiting with some friends in the DFW area!

Taking a Coke break in Chisholm Park in Hurst, Texas.

Fort Worth is the home of Ranch Style Beans. The group that eventually became known as the Cattle Raisers Association, was first organized in 1877 to address the problem of cattle rustling in north Texas.

Cattle Raisers Museum in Fort Worth. A statue of Midnight, the World's Greatest Bucking Horse, is in front of the Amon Carter Hall in Fort Worth, Texas.What a frog pond I found in the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens!Fort Worth StockyardsThe Fort Worth Stock Exchange and the old stockyards themselves.The famous Billy Bob's of Texas.

Such a difference between Fort Worth and Dallas!
From the stockyards to the newer skyline of Dallas...
I sure have missed the salsa from Acapulco's! Rachel met me for lunch in DeSoto, Texas. The Big Rig in Burleson, Texas.I went to the Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery to say good bye and pay my respects to Douglas "Dick" Letnes (1932-2005).
I was the only one in the cemetery during my visit.
I found the marker I was looking for and had a quiet moment with memories of Dick.

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